Recently I wrote an article, “5 Actions to Take to Avoid Eating when Not Hungry“, regarding how to use diversions to sidetrack yourself when you want to eat and you’re not hungry. Heather at MiddleAgeShed wrote a follow-up post based on my original article that she and Anna (her diet support buddy) included in their blog carnival, “Carnival of Diet Tips“.

In her post, Heather wrote that she used the action of writing a post on her blog as a way to divert herself, and it worked! I was very happy to read that she used my post and implemented a diversion for herself, instead of eating something that would not help her with her goal of weight loss.

As I mentioned in my post, you can come up with your own diversions that are different from the ones that I listed. The important thing is that you have your diversions set up in advance; before you get the urge to eat when you aren’t hungry, binge on sweets, eat out of boredom, eat something that isn’t nutritious, or eat something that you are addicted to.

Have you tried using a diversion yet? If so, please share your experience and leave a comment!