My 3 Best Tips to Avoid Stuffing Yourself Tighter Than a Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

I did a video for you today to give you my 3 Best Tips to avoid stuffing yourself Thanksgiving Day. Watch it, it’s right here, at the top of this post!

Why do I recommend you watch my video and get my 3 best tips to avoid stuffing yourself? Because…. do you really wanna get in the car to drive home after Thanksgiving dinner and have to unzip your pants because you stuffed yourself Thanksgiving Day and now you’re popping out of your jeans?

I know how frustrating it feels to be overweight when you want to lose weight. And then, on top of your ongoing food and weight struggles, you now have the holiday season to deal with.

But if you’re really being honest with yourself, your overeating and overweight are not happening only during the holiday season, The truth is, you’re like millions of people who have a year-round problem with overeating, stuffing yourself, and just plain overdoing it when it comes to what you eat and how much you eat.

If you’re like the millions out there who are struggling with their weight then you also identify as an emotional eater, which is a very common eating disorder. Unfortunately the holiday season only makes it worse because this time of year stirs up a lot of emotional baggage!

Another problem is that emotional eaters don’t eat for physical hunger. This makes it extremely hard to lose weight because the body doesn’t need food when it’s not physically hungry.

What I’ve noticed based on my own experience and also from coaching my weight loss clients personally since 2009 is that many of my clients could not remember the last time they felt physical hunger. This is because they were emotional eaters prior to working with me! Add the holiday season into the mix and if you’ve never solved the real problem that keeps driving your emotional eating, then it’s very easy to keep stuffing yourself, not just on Thanksgiving Day but any day.

Why Is It So Hard to Stop Stuffing Yourself?

The number one reason it’s so hard for you to stop stuffing yourself is because the root of the problem has never been healed. That’s the root of the Real Problem that keeps driving your emotional eating behavior.

The good news is that once the root of that problem is healed, then you will be free! Then it won’t matter what time of year it is: you’ll be able to live healthy, slim and fit without stuffing yourself, without emotional eating, while enjoying a slim, slender body to boot!

To get this problem solved however, requires a proven system. When you have a proven system to follow that includes accountability and professional coaching then you can end your emotional eating once and for all. My weight loss coaching clients end their emotional eating in 8 weeks or less, simply by following my proven step-by-step system.

How To End Your Emotional Eating For Good

To end your emotional eating for good so that you can stop stuffing yourself no matter what time of year it is, you need to start with the first step. All of the testimonials on this page and this page are from my amazing weight loss coaching clients who took the same first step you can take right now.

If you’re serious about ending the struggle with food and your weight so that you can sail through the next holiday season with ease (and without stuffing yourself!) then your first step is to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session with me. Click here to get started now if you’d love to stop wondering why you’re so smart and successful professionally, but you can’t stop eating and lose weight permanently.