Here’s a thought for you to chew on today: is food really your best friend?

You’ve probably heard that there are many who feel that food is their best friend and lover. They turn to food in times of need, to soothe their stress and anxiety, their hurts, and to cope with life in general. Instead of going with the flow and observing their feelings, staying in the moment, and allowing themselves to feel (instead of medicating with food), they want their best friend to make them feel better.

Problem is their best friend food cannot do anything to help them with their emotions or upsets but it can give them more problems to deal with such as overweight, which will add to the list of issues they are already dealing with.

Drop the Criticizm

Now before I go any further, realize that this is not a criticizm, I know that I may even be speaking to you here in this example. This topic is commonly referred to as emotional eating and if you do use food to try to make yourself feel better it could be that you are not aware that there is another way or that you don’t want another way. In the end it is a personal choice and you are where you are and that’s ok. When you are ready to live a different life then the resources and opportunities to help you do so will become apparent to you.

So getting back to the food being your best friend…my question is, is it really? Would your best friend make you feel bad? Would your best friend give you regrets? Would your best friend suck you in and keep you wanting more, like an addiction? You know, eating one of those cookies just never seems to be enough….

Hmmm, Is It Really the Food?….

Or, is this really about the question of food being your best friend or about whether or not you are your own best friend? After all, is food jumping into your mouth and adding those pounds onto your body? Is food chasing you down the hallway and yelling, “let me in your belly! NOW!” Is food laying a guilt trip on you? Is food coming after you and criticizing you, telling you to regret eating too much of it and gaining weight?

Hmmm, when you look at it like this, who is really your best friend here? And do you think that maybe food could be your best friend if you allowed it to be? What about those fresh bananas, apples, and pears? Are they your friend? Or is all food “out to get you”?

Just some thoughts for you to mull over today – to be continued…