For the past week I’ve been in quite a funk, a funk of negative thinking! I’ve learned that it’s actually rather easy to get into thinking negatively (if I allow myself to), unless I continually feed my mind with the positive every single day.

I had to take action today and get an overflow of positive mental nutrition flowing into my brain again! 😉 I pulled out my Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power series, something that I’ve had for years, but haven’t listened to recently. What’s very interesting is that on the first day of the 30-day program, Tony talks about how he went through his own funk, a real downturn in his life when he was using food and overeating! Tony talked about how he’d never abused drugs or alcohol, but he did abuse food by eating when things weren’t going well for him; he gained 38 pounds in 2 and a half months.

If you’re familiar with Anthony Robbins you know his story and how very successful and motivating he is. He obviously doesn’t have a problem with emotional eating and overeating anymore, and he solved this problem by taking action and deciding to make a change in how he lived his life. Now if you’re an emotional eater that could mean making a decision to heal the underlying reasons you have been overeating, since when you do so, you’ll then solve your overeating. Possibly, it could even be as simple as deciding to stop turning to food to solve your problems, although I think that you would need to replace that behavior with positive problem-solving action.

I find it very inspiring to hear about how other people have overcome their self-sabotaging behaviors. The fact that Anthony Robbins actually used to eat because of his emotions and problems is very inspiring to me because he is such a positive, successful, motivating individual. He overcame his self-sabotaging behavior, took positive action, and role-modeled someone else who had gotten the results he wanted (lost weight and kept it off long term). Tony lost the weight and kept it off by mentally changing his thoughts about the foods he was addicted to so that he no longer even wanted them.

Today I just want to share with you that I’m inspired to hear that Tony Robbins used to have a problem with his weight, was emotionally eating, and addicted to certain foods. I had completely forgotten about this and it wasn’t even the reason that I wanted to listen to his series again. I’ll share more with you later because I’ll be implementing Anthony Robbins’ techniques of consistent action in conjunction with what I’m already doing with the Six Week Body Makeover.