Do you have a habit of night eating whether or not you are hungry, perhaps in front of the TV on the couch?

Or, do you have a pattern of emotional eating, either to console yourself for a bad day, or to reward yourself for a victory in your life?

Anthony Harper used to do both, however he made some changes, dropped 77 pounds, and increased his quality of life.

Anthony is another person with a weight loss success story who is profiled in the USA Today Weight Loss Challenge. His previous lifestyle consisted of fast food, chips and sweets from convenience stores, and eating at night to relax. He ended up at 370 pounds and was concerned that he was going to end up with serious medical conditions since his family has a history of weight related health issues.

Instead, he changed his eating habits to include an abundance of fruits and vegetables, he rarely eats fast food or junk food, and he no longer uses food for emotional reasons. He is able to sleep better at night, his faith in life and his religion has deepened, and his cholesterol and blood pressure have improved.

Anthony’s story is a wonderful example of how replacing the junk food and fast food with whole foods and letting go of emotional eating can yield you wonderful results in your own life. Read his full story and gain some inspiration and motivation for your weight loss program today!

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