Time passes regardless of what you do, and at the end of a year or two or even five, think of what you can accomplish one day at a time, one choice at a time. – Kelly Rhoads

Here is another inspirational story presented as a part of the USA Today Weight Loss Challenge series.

It is the story of Kelly Rhoads who made a decision to lose weight and dropped 170 pounds. Not only has she lost it, but more importantly she has kept it off for over three years.

Previously she weighed in at a little less than 330 pounds. She had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic.

Her doctor advised her to lose weight, saying that if she did not, she would “begin to suffer irreversible medical damage”.

I really like this story because Kelly speaks openly about being an emotional eater and why she began to eat for emotional reasons. She shares that she began eating emotionally as a teenager in an effort to protect herself from the advances of older men. She was scared by the attention and ate as a way to hide herself and her body.

Today Kelly keeps a daily food journal, exercises regularly, and limits foods high in saturated fat and sugar, all of which I also do. Notice that she is limiting those foods that are addictive and can lead to uncontrolled (binge) eating: sugar and fat.

Please read her full story here. I hope that Kelly’s weight loss success story can provide you with some inspiration and motivation today. It sure has for me!