BreatheWow, it’s that time of year when you might be just a little stressed out, running around buying last minute Christmas presents, shopping for something to wear to that party, and just maybe you’re starting to turn to food to try to relieve your stress.

Well this is a good way to put on those 10 pounds that many tend to gain during this holiday season. Instead of doing that, here’s just a quick suggestion: instead of going for the food, try breathing instead.

I know, you’re probably saying, “but JoLynn, I’m obviously breathing, I’m sitting here reading your post!” That’s not the kind of breathing I’m talking about…try this:

  • Put your hand on your stomach and take such a deep breath through your nose that your stomach expands outwards, away from your body. While you inhale count of 4.
  • Now hold that breath for the the count of 4 and then exhale through your mouth to the count of 4.
  • Close your eyes and do this entire process 2 more times.

How do you feel now? I’m going to bet that you normally do not breathe that deeply, and when you do breathe you breathe shallowly, only in your chest. I suggest that while you are out there running around and starting to feel stressed out, take 3 deep breaths, get centered, and relax a little bit.

Then instead of going to the store and buying all of those comfort foods you’re craving sit down, close your eyes and breathe. And you can do this without closing your eyes, for example when you’re in traffic, which for many can be just a little stressful, too, not to mention holiday traffic.

Deep breathing will help you calm yourself, it doesn’t cost you a penny, and when you remember to do this instead of engaging in emotional eating, you just might avoid that “holiday 10” weight gain this holiday season.

You have nothing to lose with deep breathing and oh so much to gain.