Are You A Last Supper Eater - FearlessFatLossAre you a Last Supper eater?

What is that, you ask?

You know you’re a Last Supper eater if you feel anxious each Sunday because you’re telling yourself your weekly litany of, “I’ll start again tomorrow!”

And then it begins…again…

Since Monday is “Diet Day” for you, on Sunday you’re already anticipating feeling deprived and unhappy on Monday….because you really don’t want to diet, but you’re trying again, to force yourself to lose weight.

This is an ongoing pattern for you: Lose some weight, gain it back, keep telling yourself you’ll “start on Monday”, “make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight”, and “I’ll lose weight after my vacation”. It’s always “someday” but it never ends and you never “get there”. (I know how frustrating this feels, I’ve been there before, too!)

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Because you’re already anticipating deprivation and struggle, on Sunday you run out to the grocery store and buy all of those “forbidden foods” and binge on them. You stuff yourself to the gills with all kinds of food, anything you can find at home, anything you’ve been depriving yourself of or are in FEAR of feeling deprived of on Monday.

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You then go to bed on Sunday night feeling icky, gross, and stuffed, only to wake up on Monday morning, weight yourself, feel bad about your weight, and start the same cycle over again. Maybe stick with your diet until Wednesday, tell yourself “It’s almost the weekend, I’ll start again on Monday!” and do your Last Supper binging all over again on Sunday.

Nutritionist Evelyn Tribole describes Last Supper eating in her book Intuitive Eating if you’d like to read more about it and it’s important to note that Last Supper eating is another sign of a Fat Mindset. Once you take action to get a weight loss mindset, it will be a thing of the past!

GOOD News! This Insanity Stops After You Get a Weight Loss Mindset

Binge eating (Last Supper eating) is a clear indicator of an F.A.T. Mindset and once you get a core, solid weight loss mindset, you will not even consider stuffing yourself on Sunday night! That behavior will shift and will become a thing of the past.

Binge eating, Last Supper eating, emotional eating, stuffing yourself and food compulsions are no way to live and my clients don’t live like that. Marsha, a current client in The Inner Self Diet™ has released 49 years of those frustrating struggles and Nancy has released 37 years of yo-yo dieting and food and weight struggles. Katie is now walking every day (a big result she wanted to achieve in The Inner Self Diet) and Dave, a Graduate of The Inner Self Diet released ninety pounds without struggle or deprivation.

These success stories are a result of Inner Self Transformation. One of the Universal Laws we all live under is The Inner and the Outer Always Match. This is why The Inner Self Diet always works.

There’s no reason to be living with struggle with food and your weight. You never need to binge eat or eat a Last Supper again, once you get a weight loss mindset, which means that you’ll have healed the root of your ongoing out-of-control eating.

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Are You a Last Supper Eater?