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This post on “how to break the cycle of diet deprivation binge and repeat” is a follow up to yesterday’s post which you’ll find by clicking here. If you haven’t read that one yet then go ahead and take a moment to do so. This post here will wait while you read the other, promise! And really, yesterday’s post gives the foundation for today’s post (the one you’re reading right now) so you’ll get more out of this one after reading the previous one.

So why would you want to break the cycle of “diet deprivation binge and repeat” anyway? Because that cycle will not only keep you fat, it will make you fatter (ugh!!)!. I’m sure that is NOT what you want for yourself, right? You’re reading these words because you want to lose weight and keep it off forever, correct? Correct. But it’s that binge eating that really puts the weight on your body. Binge eating itself is an act of putting way too much food into your body in one sitting and most of the time you’re not even physically hungry before you start eating. Couple this with the repeated pattern of dieting, feeling deprived, food obsession followed by binge eating until you’re stuffed, then feeling bad and disgusted with yourself, followed by forcing yourself to go on another deprivation diet, and on and on just leads to more cycles of binge eating.

It's the binge eating that really puts the weight on your body. Stop doing THAT and you'll begin to make progress. ~ JoLynn BraleyClick To Tweet

So how can you stop this unhealthy cycle that won’t give you the weight loss results you really want?

How to Break the Cycle of Diet Deprivation Binge and Repeat

The best way to break the cycle of diet deprivation binge and repeat is to Stop Dieting. YES! That’s it. Notice what comes up for you when you even consider doing this. Are you filled with fear or anxiety? Maybe you feel great worry that you’ll always be overweight. All of these emotions are signs of a fat mindset, that’s a mindset based in F.A.T. which equals Fear Attracting Thoughts. And now we’re getting to the REAL problem.

The real problem is your mindset, or another term for it is your Inner Self. You see, your mindset, which is a conglomeration of everything that’s going on in your Inner Self… unraveling THAT is 90% of the challenge if you want to lose weight and Keep It Off.

The truth is that healthy weight loss in and of itself is not hard. You just need to follow some simple steps every day, every meal, and you will succeed. Simple steps like getting off of processed food, drinking plenty of water, getting regular cardio and strength training, getting the right sleep and enough sleep, simple things like this. As long as you DO these things daily, meal after meal, day after day, you’ll release the fat and keep it off.

BUT…There’s a Big Problem In Your Way

Here’s the Big Problem with those simple steps: You’ve gotta DO Them and DO Them consistently, and what will stop you from doing that long term, the rest of your life, is the ninety percent of your problem today: what’s going on within your Inner Self. Again though, get that solved (it’s fast and easy when you use the proven system while working with the right permanent weight loss coach, including accountability and more!) and then you won’t have a problem doing those simple steps that all together make up a healthy lifestyle.

Keep in mind that the only solution for permanent weight loss is a healthy lifestyle, lived long term, lived day after day, meal after meal. This is not hard to do once it becomes WHO YOU ARE. Just like Dave, who I coached back in 2010. His whole life he struggled with yo-yo dieting (he was 55 when I coached him in 2010). After I coached him out of his Inner Self struggles, he went on to lose 90 pounds without struggle or deprivation, and he’s kept it off all this time. Dave got these amazing results because I coached him in solving what was 90% of his problem while using my proven system to permanent weight loss. Dave became fit, healthy and strong ON THE INSIDE and so, living healthy and fit became WHO HE IS. Therefore, he no longer has a struggle living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a big deal because there’s no struggle within him.

But it was a big deal him before I coached him! He couldn’t do it until then.

Bottom Line: Heal Your Inner Self, Stop Binge Eating, Stop Dieting & LIVE a Healthy Lifestyle

I guarantee you that when you go about permanent weight loss from the inside out, not only will you stop binge eating but also you will stop yo-yo dieting and feeling deprived. You’ll finally be able to live a healthy lifestyle struggle-free because when you solve what is ninety percent of your problem today, you’ll end up becoming fit, healthy, strong and sexy On The Inside, which will match the body you want on the outside (if you want a fit, healthy, strong sexy body to live in!). Do THAT and you will no longer be in a “cycle of diet deprivation binge repeat” because a) you won’t be dieting b) you won’t feel deprived and c) you won’t be binge eating anymore.

What if you could really LIVE these Results instead of just reading about them? How would you feel?

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