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Dieting can be super hard, don’t you agree? Especially if you’re part of the crowd of 78.6 million in the USA today who are struggling with overeating, food addiction, overweight and obesity. In today’s article you’re going to learn 3 ways dieting makes you weigh more than when you started dieting (eek!) but first, something you might not be aware of is that the mainstream diet industry has a lot to do with your ongoing, overweight struggles that have never totally ended.

You see, the mainstream diet industry perpetuates the myth that all you need is a new food diet and then all of your emotional eating, binge eating, and overweight problems will be gone. But if this were true, then why doesn’t it work? Why do you still struggle with binge eating? Why do you still struggle with food obsessions? Why you do keep thinking you’re not good enough? Why do you stick with your weight loss plan for 7 days and then quit, thinking you deserve a break?

It’s a hard cycle of struggle that is easy to stay stuck in unfortunately. BUT you do not have to stay stuck there. More on that coming up. Let’s go ahead and get to the list of 3 ways dieting makes you weigh more than when you started!

3 Ways Dieting Makes You Weigh MORE Than When You Started

Here’s the full list of 3 ways dieting makes you weigh more than when you started dieting. Check it out!

  1. The word dieting is used when you don’t want to eat better, you’re only doing what you’re doing to Lose Weight, while in the back of your mind you can’t wait until “it’s over” so that you can binge on all of the food you feel deprived of while dieting. It’s the binging that really makes you weigh more than you did when you started dieting. You’d be better off to avoid dieting if that would also stop your binge eating.
  2. When you know you’re starting another new diet on Monday then it’s extremely common to indulge in last supper eating, otherwise known as binge eating on Sunday. You eat as much as you can hold on Sunday and Sunday night out of fear of deprivation as soon as Monday comes. The problem is that the last supper eating is what is going to make you weight more than when you started dieting.
  3. After you get a weight loss mindset you don’t use the word “dieting” for the healthy lifestyle you live each day, because you don’t feel deprived since you’re not dieting.
    A weight loss mindset sets you FREE from that frustrating hamster wheel of dieting and yo-yo dieting. Yay!!Click To TweetSo, guess how you feel when you DON’T have a weight loss mindset, and you are dieting? If you guessed “deprived” is how you feel when you’re dieting and you don’t have a weight loss mindset, you’re right! The problem with this is that the feeling of deprivation fuels your food obsessions and you constantly feel like you’re missing out. This sets up a burning desire to BREAK your diet so that you can binge on all of the food you’ve been feeling deprived of.But then you move into the part of the cycle where you feel disgusted, frustrated, and hopeless about yourself and vow to go back on another diet on Monday, which leads to last supper eating on Sunday (and the days leading up to Sunday!) with more binge eating before the next new diet on Monday begins, and so the cycle continues. Does it make sense how this all fits together but you never end up getting the permanent weight loss RESULTS from dieting that you want? If the result you what you want is struggle-free permanent weight loss, that is.

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What’s The Solution?

Clearly dieting that frustrates you isn’t the solution if you want to lose weight and keep it off because dieting just fuels your cycle of deprivation followed by binge eating followed by more of the same. You end up taking 1 step forward and 5 steps backward only to take another step forward and 6 steps backwards. Pretty frustrating, I know!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s article when I share the solution to this problem of dieting making you weigh more than when you started dieting. I’m certain you don’t like those results you’re getting and you DO want to change them, right? So make sure you come back for tomorrow’s article.

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3 Ways Dieting Makes You Weigh MORE Than When You Started Dieting