The Best Weight Loss Plan Ever – The Six Week Body Makeover

The Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond is the best weight loss plan that I have ever experienced. I am so grateful that I found this program and purchased it in January, 2004. I have been very successful with it, initially losing 43.5 pounds (**not in 6 weeks — I started at 171.5 — the higher your start weight the more you will lose in the first 6 weeks. )

UPDATE 2013: Note the date on this article (6-18-2007)…I wrote this article 6 years ago and that time the 6WBMO was the best weight loss plan I experienced, which specifically means the best physical weight loss plan – it did not help me get a weight loss mindset, which is 90% of the problem nor is that what the Six Week Body Makeover is supposed to do! The 6WBMO is for your body (it is 10% of the solution).

You must clean out your mind first and Heal the Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles if you ever wish to achieve struggle-free, permanent weight loss, so that you can consistently take action without any struggle or self-sabotage. Most cannot Heal the Root without the help of a professional weight loss coach because you can’t see beyond your blindspots, and you have no idea what you don’t know that you don’t know.

If I had wanted to, I could have made my entire website about this program. I chose not to go that route because even though it’s the best physical weight loss program (IMHO), there are still so many other factors (i.e.: motivation, your thoughts, your fears, emotional eating, old habits, using excuses, etc.) that can sway you in your weight loss goals, factors that I have been, and will continue to write about here at Fearless Fat Loss. Since there are so many positives that I could give you about the Six Week Body Makeover (6WBMO), this post is an overview of the program.

You might have read some of my other articles about getting off processed food and committing to lifestyle changes in order to not only lose weight, but also to feel great. It’s not like I was born with this knowledge though, in fact, my daily diet used to consist of 95% frozen, processed, sugared, salted, bagged, boxed, and fast food! I had to learn how to make changes in my lifestyle, how to prepare and eat whole, healthy foods, and how to exercise productively.

The 6WBMO gave me the tools that I needed to make real changes in my life. I learned how to cook “real”, whole foods, use spices, and enjoy my sweets in the form of fruits. I learned that I could eat more, exercise less, and end up losing more weight (and the right kind of weight–fat rather than muscle) without starving myself. I learned that I needed to make true lifestyle changes, and that the Six Week Body Makeover is not a short-term diet. I learned the hard way that if you treat it as a diet, using it only to get the weight off and then returning to old eating habits, then the weight will come right back (the only reason you would return to old habits is because you never got a weight loss mindset to begin with).

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After you reach your goal weight and you keep your new eating habits that you learned throughout the losing phase, you can add back in a few processed foods here and there, but you must monitor yourself very closely. If you have food addictions, and/or are prone to binging whenever you eat your trigger foods, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to continue to keep those foods out of your daily diet.

If I had not purchased this program, I don’t think it would have been that easy for me to complete my experiment and completely eliminate all refined sugars, foods high in natural sugar, and sugar alcohols because with the knowledge I had from the 6WBMO, I knew how to eat whole foods, how much to eat, how to combine foods, and when to eat (you eat several, smaller meals throughout the day). Therefore, I had a healthy eating plan that I could follow that kept my body in balance.

The program is simple, and at the same time contains a good deal of information so that you can truly make this your lifestyle. Actually, I cannot give you every detail of the eating plan, for a couple of reasons: 1.) it’s copyrighted information by Michael Thurmond, and I would get myself in trouble for giving away for free what everyone else purchases, and 2.) more importantly, you really need to have all of the information in your possession in order to successfully work the program.

Once you receive your “kit”, just follow the instructions and do the plan as it’s written and you’ll be amazed at how the weight just drops off. Your kit contains everything that you need to not only get started and drop the weight, but also your body sculpting bands (resistance training), a recipe book (I’ve found a few favorite recipes in it), your “black book” that is chock full of information, and a video tape (or DVD) that will get you started. All you have to do is pop that in and it will walk you through everything.

Your kit will also teach you how to “blueprint” your body to customize the program to your specific body type since the program differs depending on which of the four types you fit, A, B, C, or D (I’m an A). The entire program is really quite something; I’m getting excited all over again just by writing about it, even though I bought mine so long ago.

Here are just a few of the reasons that I love the Six Week Body Makeover:

  • You only eat foods that you like. If you force yourself to eat foods you don’t like, then it’s just like being on a diet, and the 6WBMO is not a diet.
  • I learned how to cook great tasting meals with whole foods using spices and herbs. The extent of my cookingpreviously was boiling pasta and putting a frozen meal in the microwave. Learning how to cook is freeing and I now love the creative process.
  • I learned that I don’t have to kill myself with exercise to get results. The 6WBMO gives you the options of specific exercises that you can do to get specific results with your body. You learn how to sculpt your body the way that you want it to look.
  • It is awesome to eat so often during the day and at the same time, I am almost always hungry when I eat. This isn’t so much a factor now, but when I first started this plan in 2004, eating every couple of hours helped me to work through the habit I had of wanting to eat often whether I was hungry or not. In this case, I was now hungry when I ate, and I was also eating healthy foods for my body.
  • I feel absolutelywonderful. I have so much more energy, it’s easy to get out of bed in the morning, my head is clear, and my motivation level is much higher. (** I must add, that the first week I didn’t feel that great, because my body was detoxing, but that’s only for a short period of time.)

Even though I believe in the 6WBMO 100% and have recommended it to my family members and friends (when I was asked what I was doing), I wouldn’t ever purchase it for someone as a gift. The reason is that you really need to be ready to let go of any excuses and commit 100% to yourself and this program, at least for 6 weeks. Anyone is much more committed to something that they purchase compared to a weight loss program that was given to you (that you probably didn’t even ask for!).

You also receive the guarantee that you will lose up to 30 pounds in your first 6 weeks with the 6WBMO, otherwise you can return it for a refund (S&H not included) “within 8 weeks of your receipt of the product, no questions asked”.

If you aren’t ready to commit 100% for 6 weeks and follow the plan as it is, then I wouldn’t recommend this to you at this time. It does involve changing how you eat and exercise, you do need to do some cooking of whole foods if you want to have variety in your meals, and it does take some planning. I cook in bulk on the weekends and then I have enough meals for the whole week.

I would recommend the Six Week Body Makeover to you if:

  • You are ready to make some changes and give it 6 weeks no matter what.
  • You are ready to feel absolutely awesome with more energy than you might have had in a long time.
  • You are ready to give up your “diet mentality” and look at this as a lifestyle change rather than a short-term diet to just get the weight off.
  • You are serious about getting fit, sculpting your body with toning exercises, burning the fat with cardio (“approved”, productive cardio per the 6WMBO), and raising your metabolism by eating more food, 5-6 times throughout your day (every 2.5 – 3 hours), and drinking at least 100 oz. of water per day.
  • You are willing to trust that this will work if you work it.
  • You are willing to have an open mind about changing your eating habits, habits that you might have though were a necessary part of life. Meaning that, on this plan you do not eat salt/sodium, dairy, flour/wheat, sugar, or unhealthy fats (I will write future posts on why you do not need to add salt to your food for your health, why dairy isn’t necessary for human health, and more about food addictions).

Note: I’ve read of several people who have taken the 6WBMO to their doctor and have only received positive feedback. In fact, there are many people who have ended medications by doing this plan, but of course you would have to follow your doctor’s advise on that.

I would not recommend the Six Week Body Makeover to you if:

  • No matter how many diet books, workout DVD’s, gym memberships, personal trainers, or nutritionists you have invested in you still sabotage yourself. You might have lost weight but you always regain it. You have a persistent, nagging problem with food and your weight – it’s a continual struggle and if you get real with yourself you can easily see that it’s been going on for years and years. In this case (which is why 95% of dieters fail) even the Six Week Body Makeover won’t help you, because you won’t follow it. You will be one of those people who is consistently “Starting Over”, “Looking for Motivation”, or Stuck. You MUST take specific steps to heal your Inner Self first before proceeding with the Six Week Body Makeover or any other healthy lifestyle program. Otherwise you’ll blame the 6WBMO for not working, when it’s really all about YOU.
  • Your lifestyle consists of daily air travel, especially international travel, since you would have a hard time taking all of your meals with you each day. I imagine that you could modify the program, however you wouldn’t be doing the program as it’s written and your results would reflect this.
  • You are not willing to schedule time to prepare your meals and always have your food ready to take with you each day. For example, if you work 15-18 hours a day and do not have your weekends available to cook in bulk for the coming week, then you would not be making this program a priority in your schedule. In order for you to be successful, it does require preparation time (read the first bullet point above since you always make time for that which you value most, therefore you have internal struggle that is stopping YOU from making YOU and your body a priority, and this is what stops you from achieving lasting success – not any diet).

Essentially, you just have to eliminate all excuses and commit to yourself that you will follow the Six Week Body Makeover as it is written for 6 weeks, no tweaking or modifying. If after 6 weeks you haven’t lost up to 30 pounds, then you can always return it. I don’t think that many people return theirs though, and the ones that I’ve read about weren’t committed to working it 100%. That’s why I don’t think it would be a good experience for you if you have not Healed the Root of your internal struggles with food and your weight.

If you have zero issues with self-sabotage, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, binge eating, food obsessions, food abuse or an F.A.T. Mindset and you are able and willing to take consistent, struggle-free action with a physical weight loss plan then check out the 6WBMO plan.

If you have never achieved struggle-free permanent weight loss and you’d love to be able to live a healthy lifestyle without self-sabotage then you’ll need to get a weight loss mindset. Mindset is 90% of your inability to lose weight and keep it off. A weight loss mindset makes it easy to follow through.

If you are serious about achieving the results of permanent weight loss then click here for your first step. This is for you if you’d love to stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful but I still can’t lose weight and keep it off?!”

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  • Michael

    This sounds like a sweet program. I will have to check it out.

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  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Michael,

    It really is. It teaches you how to cook “real” food and how to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s not at all a starvation diet, the whole premise is “eat more and work out less”. I love it. :)

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  • Elizabeth

    I’m interested in possibly trying the 6WBMO, however I have one issue to deal with. I am allergic to nuts and FRESH fruit. Are you able to tell me just how big a role fresh fruit and/or nuts may play in this system? I am able to eat fruit that is canned or even baked or cooked somehow (as if in a pie), just not “off the counter” fresh. (Yes, this really stinks!) (Nuts, not at all.) Anyway, I’ve always been hesitant to try any of these systems because after purchasing it, I don’t want to be disappointed that I truly cannot follow the system properly if I cannot eat the things I am allergic to. Any knowledge on this would be helpful. Thanks!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Elizabeth,

    There aren’t any nuts included in the food plan, they are too high in fat for the reduction phase.

    You do eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean protein and whole carbs. You can use canned or fresh frozen fruit only if the only ingredient is the fruit itself….no added sugar, salt, or anything else. I’ve used canned pineapple (Dole, nothing else added), frozen berries, and I even found some canned peaches (they did contain Splenda which is OK for the 6WBMO).

    The fresher your food, the better, but if you can have fruit like I’ve outlined above then that would work for you. I hope this helps Elizabeth! :)

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  • Chris

    Hi…Just read your review on the 6 Week BMO as I was interested in this for a family member. Not sure about the NO Salt though. It is clear that normal brain function absolutely REQUIRES sodium for proper function, so I don’t feel entirelt responsible recommending this to a loved one. Any comments ?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Chris,

    Good question! The 6WBMO isn’t a no salt way of eating, but it is no-added sodium/salt. Sodium naturally occurs in many whole, healthy food options, just a few are: chicken, tomatoes, and egg whites.

    What you would look for on the ingredient label are the actual list of ingredients…so, if you buy a can of no-salt added tomato paste, you’ll see that it contains sodium in the nutrition panel, but in the list of ingredients, the only ingredient is tomatoes. As long as the item doesn’t contain added sodium or salt, then it’s fine (of course, that goes for the specific foods you would be eating).

    If your family member is still concerned though, just have them take their plan to their doctor. I’ve read of many people who have done this and their doctors have been highly impressed with how healthy this way of eating is. The doctor could also do a blood workup on your family member if you would like, and if there is a concern about not having added sodium, then have the doctor determine how much to add per day.

    You’d be surprised just how much added sodium there is in processed food (start checking your labels). We just don’t need it, and if you’re eating whole healthy foods, you’ll get that sodium naturally. 😉

    I hope this helps!

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  • Israel

    wow, reading this made me want to try it out where can i get this at?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Israel,

    You can find it in the eMiniMall at the end of my post. It does cost about 100.00 but I am telling you, it is worth every penny…they also give you a money back guarantee, I think it’s up to 6 weeks and you can return it….like most products, I don’t think you get your S&H back, but I don’t know why you would ever want to return it anyway! :)

    I learned how to cook real, whole foods through this program and before I ate almost only processed (a lot of frozen) food. I learned how to exercise to get the “biggest bang for my buck”, and so much more. Now, I still believe that you must look at the issues that caused you to overeat in the first place (so that you don’t regain the weight you lose), but the 6WBMO is a tool that will get the weight off in a healthy manner, and you won’t believe until you do it how great you feel. :)

  • Israel

    thanks for responding. i read the email too and will give it a shot.

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  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Israel,

    Thanks for letting me know that you received my email, I got an undeliverable back so thought it didn’t go through. :)

    Like I mentioned in my email, I 100% recommend this program, it taught me so much, it’s just excellent. Michael Thurmond has been a body builder and fitness trainer for years, and he knows what he’s talking about. 😉

    It definitely is a lifestyle change though, and if you go back to how you used to eat after losing the weight, you will regain. I know from my own experience in that! However, as long as you’re ready to commit to lasting lifestyle changes, you’ll do great. Just work the program as it’s written, and the weight (fat, not muscle) will drop off, in a healthy manner. :)

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  • Tiffany S

    For the six 6wbmo do you think can tuna is bad to eat?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Tiffany,

    You can do the canned tuna that is low sodium packed in water – it should have only 25 – 30 grams of sodium in it, check the label. You can sometimes find this in the grocery store, otherwise they have it at Whole Foods and other health food stores.

    I mainly use the canned tuna for traveling and I’ve kept it in my desk drawer at work in case I ever forgot my meals one day. I wouldn’t recommend eating it for every meal but you can certainly have it from time to time if you like it. :)

    Something else if you like tuna…you can find tuna steaks in the freezer section (I’ve bought them at Costco) that don’t have anything added to them – the only ingredient is “tuna” (no added sodium or additives). Those are great to make, too. 😉

  • Maria

    Thanks for the great post. I’ve been trying to find out as much as I can about this program to see if it is suitable for someone who simply struggles with those last 10-12 pounds. I’ve never been extremely overweight; just crept up on me over the years while having children. I’m 5’5″, 135 pounds and, while that doesn’t sound unreasonable, I also only gain weight from the belly up. Weight goes directly to my arms, back, breasts, etc. GREAT legs, though!! :mrgreen: I have already made most of those lifestyle changes that are mentioned. Sugar was a biggie…that’s out now. Never any compunction to add salt, etc. And with three children, you can be sure I’m no couch potato – I’m always moving. I have tried formal exercise programs (walking 45 minutes five times/week, in addition to toning exercises 3-4 times/week, etc.) but have never seen any weight loss as a result. I maintain the same weight whether I bust my buns or not. Gets discouraging. So, my question is this: will this program be my ticket to losing those last ten stubborn pounds or will I have to kill myself at the gym (like my friend told me)? They’re just stuck there. :sad: Thanks for the help! Maria

  • Maria

    P.S. Should probably mention that I’m 42. :)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Maria,

    Yes, the Six Week Body Makeover can definitely help you get those 10 pounds off. You’ll actually be surprised at how much sodium is probably in the foods that you eat now if you’re eating any foods that come out of a package (processed foods). Unless the only ingredient in them is the food itself (ex: a can of no-salt added green beans, only ingred. is green beans), you’re probably looking at added sodium in your food.

    This will stall your weight loss progress, besides the fact that we just don’t need all of the extra sodium that is put into processed foods, it’s excessive.

    You do not have to “kill yourself at the gym”, and the 6WBMO will teach you how to work smarter, not harder. You’ll pick the exercises that will sculpt your body and give you the look that you want.

    You’ll also do regular cardio, but no more that 60 minutes a day 5 times a week is needed (walking in your target heart rate zone is best for fat burning).

    One last thing: the less weight you have to lose, the slower it usually goes. I know a woman who lost 50+ pounds and when she got down to the last 10, it took several months. She had to persist and stay on plan each day and eventually the weight dropped off. The body just doesn’t always want to let go of those 10 pounds, but it’s so important that you keep eating… won’t lose weight if you don’t eat. :)

    I hope this helps. Also remember that the 6WBMO is a lifestyle, which simply teaches you how to eat healthy, fresh, whole foods, and incorporate regular exercise into your life. If you don’t stick with that after you lose the weight, you’ll likely regain what you lost. I love it because the meals I make are great and I feel just awesome. :)

  • Maria

    Hi again, JoLynn…

    Just wanted to say thanks for the quick response. While I wasn’t surprised by anything you told me, it does reinforce that my eating habits aren’t quite what they should be. At this point in my life, with two teens and a six-year old, those kinds of changes – while nothing but beneficial – would be next to impossible to maintain. (Let’s face it, when it comes to teens everything is always about them!) I will, however, watch the processed/prepackaged foods and continue to keep the sweets at bay. And someday, when I have the luxury of being a little more self-absorbed, I’ll order the 6WBMO and lose those babies!! 😀

    On the brighter side, at least I’m not gaining anything!! :)

    Thanks again!

  • Adam

    Thanks…I had never heard of the “Fit Shack” until I read your post. I will look into more now and pass on the info to my own subscribers…

    Thanks again…

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Maria,

    One thing that I’d suggest is thinking about who is going to take care of you? Only you can do that. 😉

    Of course you’ve got your kids to take care of, but the better you take care of yourself (which means making the time for yourself each day no matter what), the more you will have to give to others.

    I know many women who are in the same boat as you are and they make the time to eat whole, tasty foods and exercise regularly. It’s a different story if you don’t want to do that, but I just can’t enable anyone to make excuses for taking care of themselves. I don’t feel like I have enough time in the day either, but I do it (cook meals in bulk on Sunday’s and exercise 5 days a week or more) and I feel so much better for it.

    Those are my thoughts, I wouldn’t suggest this if I didn’t know from my own experience how much better life can be when you feed your body premium fuel, drink 100oz of water a day, and move your body. 😉

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Adam, thanks for stopping by!

  • Maria

    You’re right. But I’m just a little ahead of ya, JoLynn!! :)

    While I was chatting with you about it before, I went to the 6WBMO website and popped in to the forums. Read a LOT of what others were saying about it, peeked at the recipe exchange boards, and asked a few questions here and there. I would say 99% of the feedback was very positive, so I ordered the kit!! :)

    I received it last Wednesday, pored over the material and was on my way Friday! And, because I had tried the SBD a few times, the menu with the 6WBMO was VERY welcomed! I LOVE rice…and sweet potatoes…and oatmeal – all very much forbidden on the SBD. So I’ve been in heaven!

    And, it’s working! Sheesh…I thought it would take me a lot longer to lose the weight since I only have about ten pounds to lose (but now I’m thinking it might be 15). I’m a pretty steady 135 lbs., but between my TOM and the two-day binge that comes with it, the day I began I was up to 138. Could be because I weighed myself in the afternoon. Either way, I’ve dropped six pounds!! Yup! This morning I checked in at 132 lbs. I am THRILLED! I feel like I’m over that 135 hump.

    As far as the busy lifestyle…I have two teens and a six year old – my teens are homeschooled so they’re with me all day. Just makes it that much harder when they’re around me eating all the time…and they DO eat ALL the time! But, admittedly, this seems to be THE program because I don’t miss anything. I think priming myself for the program helped a lot…I was already a big water drinker, I had decided a long time ago to cut out the sweets, and I rarely eat out. All good habits I picked up from the SBD…so not entirely a bad program.

    So, while all my excuses may have seemed plausible for all those other “programs/diets” because of the extreme deprivation, this one personally deprives me of nothing! So it works for me.

    Thank you for your help and feedback. It has been invaluable! Sorry to see that comments will no longer be taken after March 21. :(

    Joy to you, my friend…

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Maria, how cool that you got your kit! You know what, take full advantage of the recipe exchange….there are some excellent recipes in there. I’ll have to put a post together here at Fearless Fat Loss with some of my top picks. I’ve made some dishes that I just love….good thing that I we learn portion control with the 6WBMO. 😉

    Right, the date for the comments is coming from a new plugin I’m trying out, I have to see how it goes. The date pushed back already.

    I also know exactly what you mean about not feeling deprived on this program. That is key because to keep the weight off, it’s really got to be a lifestyle, but when you are feeling awesome and you love the food you’re eating, why not keep it up, right? :)

    Congratulations on your weight loss, keep it up Maria!!

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  • Janele

    I am interested in buying this program. I just has a baby about four months ago and I have lost all of my baby weight gain I want to loose more. I am at 179 now and I have been eating once to twice a day and then not eating anything after 6:00. I have one question, I do like to cook meals from the Food Network in fact I always cook foods from them will I be able to use their recipes with this program?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Janele,

    With the 6 Week Body Makeover you do cook however I’m not sure if you could use recipes from the Food Network. If they aren’t plan friendly (no sugar, salt, dairy, fats) then you might be able to modify them.

    Actually, there’s a large database of 6 Week Body Makeover recipes that are already put together for you. I love the food I eat and while there have been a couple of recipes I didn’t like, I like most of the ones I’ve made. Some I won’t even touch though – I know I won’t like them (i.e.: I don’t like cucumbers, so I won’t make a recipe with them in it).

    One thing I can pass along to you right now… more often. I eat every 2.5 to 3 hours and use portion control on the 6WBMO. Right now you’re not eating enough and you’ll put your body into very low metabolism where it will start storing whatever you eat (it will think you’re starving).

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I love the 6WBMO – it really taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle. :)

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  • Marilyn Jenks

    My 16yr old sons New Years resolution was to loose 20lbs. We tried the conventional counting calories diet. Mitchell was very dedicated to his diet and did lose 9lbs between Jan 1, 2008 and March 3, 2008.
    We are big fans of Extreme makeover and the amazing results Extreme Makeover patients received with Michaels diet and fitness plans. On Tuesday March 4, 2008 we started the 6 day Body Makeover together.
    Mitchell has lost 10lbs in 3 days!!! He was so excited this morning when he got on the scale. I consider myself a professional dieter. I have NEVER had results so fast or have eaten so much on a diet. I have lost 5lbs in 3days. I know I would have lost more if I wasn’t Hypoglycemic.
    I can not say enough wonderful things about this book. Buy it, do it, lose it!
    P.S. WE also used the George Foreman grill to cook all of our meals.

  • Regina

    I am waiting for my kit to arrive and am reading up on what I can find online. Are you allowed any caffeine on the plan?..I am a diet coke addict and realize that will have to go but what about tea with splenda?. If tea is allowed will it count towards the 100oz. I know weight watchers allowed you to count certain beverages towards your daily water intake.

    I think this plan might help my migraines as well. I’m sure my diet coke is a trigger(aspartame) and all the processed foods I eat for lunch.

    I am also concerned about my family. I am a single mother of a 10 yo and a 16mos old baby(loves chicken! and surprisingly is allergic to beef). Since the baby is allergic to beef we have cut that out since she went on table foods many months ago. I am a type B and wonder mostly about the dinners for my kids, will it be similar to what they eat now, chicken-rice-veggie?


  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Marilyn,

    I’m glad that you and your son are having success with the 6-Week Body Makeover, that’s wonderful, congratulations on your weight loss!

    One thing I do recommend is getting the entire kit….there is so much information in it, along with the cassettes (they might be DVDs now) and the body sculpting kit with resistance bands….I think the book is good but you get a lot more information and tools with the kit.

    I also love my George Foreman grill, isn’t it handy?! :)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Regina,

    You can have tea and coffee if you like (no cream or sugar) but they don’t count for your water intake of 100oz a day. Unless that is, you are drinking herbal tea, but it sounds like you’re asking about regular caffeinated tea.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that you’ll feel much better after you get off the diet coke – there’s so many chemicals in it.

    Check out the free recipe exchange – it has tons of great 6WBMO recipes you can choose from. One of my favorite chicken and rice dishes is Chicken Marengo. Maybe you and your family would like that, too. Otherwise there’s a whole bunch of chicken recipes in the exchange that you can choose from.

  • JoLynn Braley

    Regina, one more thing…. I want to make sure that when I said “herbal tea”, that it doesn’t sound like the 6WBMO plan suggests you drink herbal tea to count towards all of your water intake 😉 so here’s a link you can check out for more on the topic of water…..thing is though, that for best results drink 100oz of clean water each day.

    Hope this helps! :)

  • Regina

    Thank you for the information, It is very helpful! I just got my kit and am getting ready to set a start date but I need to find a day to get some labwork done first(cholesterol/sugar,etc..). I suggest everyone do this before starting any diet to see if there is a drop in their numbers! Then again I work in a medical office so I would suggest that..LOL..Good luck to everyone, there are some great tips from JoLynn on here!


  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Regina,

    Sure, np! :)

    That’s cool you’ve got your kit, isn’t it fun putting it all together? And that’s a great suggestion to get your blood work done – I had some tests done through work over a year ago and they were quite impressive (I was eating clean per the 6WBMO). I didn’t like doing that so much though, since I couldn’t eat breakfast, but it’s not like you have that done every day. 😉

    Let me know if you have any other questions! (check out the support groups in the forum too – they can really help you stay on track daily).

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  • Lauren

    Hello Everyone,
    I haven’t started the 6WBMO program yet, however I really only have 1 question that would keep me from ever starting it. My question is I realize you’re eating constantly, so in turn that means a higher grocery bill right? The reason I ask is because I am on a budget and was wondering what everyone spent at the store each week just on the food for this program?

  • Lauren

    Thank You JoLynn!
    I appreciate your response and am ready to start the program. Thanks again! What a wonderful site!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Lauren,

    In the beginning you will spend a little more because you’ll need to buy spices and herbs (unless you already are stocked up on those – I wasn’t). You’ll need those because you want to love how your food tastes….why stick with a new lifestyle if you don’t like the food you’re eating, right? 😉

    For myself, I find that I spend less than I do when I’m eating processed, dead foods. Processed, sugar and salt laden foods are very expensive but when I’m eating clean per the 6WBMO, I’m eating whole, real food – sure, I eat every couple of hours, but you’re using portion control so it’s like you’re just having smaller meals more frequently.

    That’s what I’ve experienced and I’m someone who used to spend more than 10.00 a day on fast food and processed gunk (actually a lot more than that when you add in beverages). What I’d suggest is that you start writing down everything that you currently eat and the money that you spend on food and beverages every day – keep a small notepad with you and you’ll see just how quickly it all adds up.

    Beyond that, I just don’t think that you can put a price tag on your health and fitness – your body needs nutritious food to function at peak capacity, and you won’t find that in processed, dead foods.

    Hope that helps, just let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Sure Lauren, np! You know I sincerely would not recommend the 6WBMO if I didn’t think it was awesome, and I’ve even read in the forums about people taking it to their doctors and getting 2 thumbs up (which is recommended – to have your doc check it out). But from my experience, I just know how I feel when I’m eating clean on the program – it does take a few days of “detox” to get there (about 3-7 days) but once you’re following it for about a week – wow, what a difference.

    One thing (I need to write a post about this) – Don’t follow the 6 day mini makeover program that you’ll get with your kit (the rapid results meals)…..that IS a diet, not a lifestyle program like the regular 6WBMO. The 6DMM is very restrictive and it’s in the kit as a tool if you wanted to use it to drop weight quickly, but again it’s not the 6WBMO. Just thought I’d mention that. 😉

    Check out some of my comments above too – I put links in some of them for the recipe exchange, a must-visit part of the forums. :)

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  • clark

    I stopped the program before xmas; I was stressed and got out of balance with preparing my meals. I LOVE this program and seen GREAT results! the fat actually melted off while I was making my life change. Anyway, I MUST get back on track with the program and my eatting. I gain weight from not eatting regularly and this program has helped me maintain a balance. Has anyone stopped and started again with success?

  • Elizabeth T.

    I ordered my kit a few days ago, and I’m getting very anxious! I’m so glad I found this site, because I was getting a little nervous reading some negative reviews. I do agree that the people that have failed were not really committed and ready to lose the weight.

    I’m a type A. I have a wonderful snack that I make of sliced apples, mandarin oranges, then spritzed with fresh lemon juice. Will this be allowed? Oranges are a high sugar fruit, so I’m sure they aren’t allowed. But, what about the apples and lemons?

    Also, for the 6 meals per day, is there a certain time each one needs to be eaten? I know it’s every 2-3 hours, but I usually sleep late during the day. This is a habit I need to get out of, so it would be a needed change, just not a very welcomed one!

    Is the required water intake based on weight? I’ve read 100oz, and that will be tough. I’ve always been a water drinker, and usually try to get my 64, but that extra 36 is going to be hard!

    Thanks so much for any advice you can give me! I love your site! You’re helping a lot of people!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Clark,

    I’m glad to hear that you’re loving the 6-week body makeover!

    As far as restarting, that’s me! I initially lost 43.5 pounds, kept it off over a year, and then got back into unhealthy habits and emotional eating. I am successful with the 6WBMO as long as I follow it so you can definitely get back on it.

    What’s most important to remember is that this is a way of life, not a diet. If you go back to eating a bunch of processed foods, the weight can easily come right back, especially if you also emotionally eat. However you can stay off of the processed food and even heal emotional eating – that’s what I’m doing now. 😉

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I remember how excited I was too, while I was waiting for my kit to come in the mail. :)

    You’re right, oranges are high in sugar, they aren’t a part of the reduction phase of the 6WBMO – apples and lemons are OK.

    Re: negative reviews – it could be that those folks did the 6 day mini makeover which comes with your kit, instead of doing the 6 week body makeover – the 6DMM is very restrictive, I’ve never done it myself because of that. It’s only recommended after you’ve completed at least one full period of 6 weeks of the regular program.

    It doesn’t matter what time you get up in the morning or day – just eat your breakfast within 15-30 minutes of rising to get your metabolism going and then follow your outline for the rest of the day, eating every 2.5 – 3 hours. 😉

    100oz minimum is for everyone, regardless of weight. I like to start drinking water early in my day instead of waiting until later. You’ll see that it will get much easier – I end up drinking more than 100oz because of the water I drink when I’m doing my cardio.

    Have fun with the program Elizabeth, especially with trying out new recipes in the recipe exchange – that’s what I like the most. :)

  • Terri

    Is there any type of creamer available on this plan for coffee? I can’t drink black coffee……and I have to have my coffee.

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Terri,

    No, there isn’t a coffee creamer that is on plan for the 6WBMO. Creamers contain all kinds of stuff that will stall your weight loss – sugar (which will also keep your cravings alive) & dairy, as well as chemicals.

    I drink black tea, and I’ve read of other people still drinking their coffee but having it black. IMHO, this plan is worth changing your thought, “I can’t drink black coffee”, but that is up to you. 😉 I just know that I feel fabulous eating this way.

    One other thing – it’s OK to have up to 2tbsp of rice milk per day in your coffee – that’s not much but you’d also have to monitor your progress because for some people, even adding that in will stall their weight loss. Michael Thurmond’s plan is based on the chemical processing of food and metabolism, which is why he’s laid it out as he has. Actually, I need to write a post about that (that he based it on how food is chemically processed by the body).

    Hope that helps, just let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • amanda

    hi, i was wondering if this weight loss plan could work for teenagers, due to a different schedule than adults, considering school and such. which would prevent me from eating every meal at the right time. i am 16 and i really want to loose weight and this seems like the perfect way, but im not sure if school will get in the way of following through and eating every meal every 2 to 3 hours. would this be a problem?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Amanda,

    The 6WBMO isn’t recommended for teenagers because you’re still growing. The best thing I could tell ya is you could take it to your family doctor and ask him or her for their approval. I would not recommend you do this program without taking it to your doctor first (well, that’s the same for adults, too 😉 ).

    Now if your doc said it was OK or they tweaked it for your growing body, it seems to me like you could do it even with classes. The only problem would be if your teachers don’t allow eating in class, then it might not work (depends on your timing).

    I went back to school at night as an adult while working full-time during the day and had no problem. You just have to plan plan plan and be prepared. Pack your little cooler each morning, carry your water for the day, just plan it all out. I know for certain that that works cuz I’ve done it. And really, you’ll see when you have a full-time job later – your school schedule is just like working full-time.

    I only had one or two classes the didn’t allow us to eat in them, so I’d either go to the bathroom (doesn’t take long to eat a snack) or step out in the hall. Your high school is probably different, though. (?)

    Let me know if you have any other questions – and if you do end up purchasing the program and taking it to your doc, I’d be interested to hear what they have to say.

  • amanda

    thanks a lot. (:
    well, im not so sure this will work if i have to leave class to eat, and if i have to bring multiple meals to school.
    if i dont eat every meal would i not loose weight?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Amanda,

    Sure, np, sorry to disappoint though!

    Yeah, you’ve got to eat to lose weight, and eating every 2.5 – 3 hours gets your metabolism burning hot and helps your body drop the fat. You also need to eat clean, whole foods and eat them per your body type (you type your body in the plan). It’s a misconception that a lot of people have that you should stop eating to lose weight – that’s actually the worst thing you could do.

    You know, I have this little soft sided cooler that I fit my meals in for a whole day’s work + my classes at night. It depends on what you eat but I fit everything in there. I should post about my little cooler, it’s all beat up now but it’s been there for me. :)

    Anyway, you’d still have to find out if your doctor would OK the plan for you, but if he or she did, I honestly think you could work it…..when you look at your eating schedule on paper and compare it with when your classes start (sounds like they won’t let you eat in class?), I bet you could do it.

    But, if your doc doesn’t OK it for you, there are simple things you can do. Read this post of mine about making lifestyle changes. Cut out the soda, drink plain water instead, eliminate the fast food, get off the refined sugar and flour, eat whole, healthy foods instead of the fast food and processed food, make sure you eat breakfast, and walk 30 minutes a day. You’d be amazed at how just doing these things your health will change, and you’ll probably lose weight, too, if you use portion control. 😉

    Let me know if I can help you with any other question Amanda. You know I do feel for you, I started having weight issues when I was in 11th grade……it’s funny though, cuz when I look back at that time, I wasn’t even overweight, ack!

  • amanda

    thanks a lot again.
    yeah im not exactly over weight or “fat” but im definitely not average and i really want to fix that.
    okay, so i talked to my mom and she doesnt think its a good idea either. so we went to the store and bought a bunch of healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, non-fat milk, special K cereal, 90 calorie granola bars, low fat yogurt, chicken breasts, etc) and ive been eating every 2 to 3 hours since yesterday, eating only the healthy foods listed above. and ive already lost 5 pounds, is this all water weight? because it seriously doesnt seem possible to loose this much in a day and a half on just a regular diet.

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Amanda,

    I’m glad you checked with your mom.

    As far as your weight loss, I’m only guessing because I don’t know exactly how you’re eating, but it’s probably water weight. Even when you follow the 6WBMO and you lose several pounds during the first week, not all of that is fat, esp. since you’re getting off of the tons of added sodium that is in processed food. 😉

    A couple things I’d suggest – think in terms of a lifestyle, how you can eat and exercise for life while maintaining your weight. Diets (eating a certain way just to lose weight) don’t work, believe me. 😉 But, changing habits and your relationship to food and exercise does work.

    Also, you mentioned you’re really not overweight – what about talking to your mom about increasing your exercise, and what would be a healthy way to do so.

    Maybe she’d want to join the Y or a gym with you – you don’t need to be overweight to increase your level of fitness and health, and maybe it would be a cool way for you and your mom to hang out in a different way, on a different level away from home.

    Let me know how it goes for you! :)

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  • Terri

    Can I just eat part of the optional PM snack? If I choose to eat the snack, can I just eat the fruit? Do I have to eat both the fruit and protein? Thanks.

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Terri,

    If you eat the PM snack you need to eat both the protein and the fruit (if that’s what your body type has for that meal 😉 ).

    Remember also that if you work out after dinner then you must eat the PM snack, it’s not an option. Only if you don’t work out after dinner is the snack optional. :)

  • Jessica

    I love the program! It works soooo well!

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  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Jessica,

    Oh good, I’m glad you’re lovin’ it like I do. I wish you much success with it and that you maintain your healthy lifestyle after you get to your goal weight. :)

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  • Linda

    I joined 6WBMO a week ago and having a hard time getting started. I’m confused with how to arrange the meals with the cards. How do I get started, I’ve watched the DVDs and read the books, how do I choose the cards in the spiral binder?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Linda,

    I know what you’re saying, there is a lot of information to go through, here’s what I suggest – get all the contents of your kit and pop the dvd back in the player and go through the steps one by one. Once you blueprint your body and do everything the dvd tells you to, then it should all fall into place for you.

    Once you’ve followed all of the steps, take all of the extra binder pages and put them someplace else so that you don’t confuse yourself with what you don’t need.

    I hope I answered your question – if I didn’t understand what you were asking and missed something just let me know. :)

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  • Holly

    I am VERY new to the program and need to know if flavored rice wine vinegar is okay.. I thought the book said it was but it has 5 grams carbs and 5 grams of sugars! Please help, thanks! HM

  • Holly

    okay its not rice wine vinegar, its seasoned red wine vinegar but does say sugar and salt in the ingredients.

  • Holly

    Im a newbie and learning some great new tips here.. just found out (UGH) that canned tuna that’s not low sodium is a no-no. I bought about six cans yesterday and wonder how much it will stall my progress if I eat them.

    Hollys last blog post..Happy New Year! Now Let’s Drop Those Excuses

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Holly,

    Rice vinegar is ok but the only intgredients should be rice vinegar and water is ok – no sugar or salt or anything else, though.

    The seasoned red wine vinegar with sugar and salt is not on plan, avoid it cuz it won’t help you lose weight. 😉

    There is plain red wine vinegar that you can use, the only ingredient being vinegar. My favorite vinegar is white balsamic.

    Re: the tuna, you can use low-sodium canned tuna, it only has 25 or 30mg of sodium. Anything besides that, like the regular tuna you have, will stall your weight loss efforts and isn’t on plan (OP). If you want to eat the tuna you could but you’re not going to get the same results that you would if you stuck to the plan – if I were you I’d return them to the store. 😉

    Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

  • Holly

    thanks so much! I hope you are on A LOT cuz i have a million questions! LOL in the meantime, I will take back my seasoned vinegar and tuna and get the right stuff! :-)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Holly,

    That sounds like a good plan, glad I could help! :)

  • Holly

    how about sea salt or salt substitutes? I know on some other programs, sea salt is okay since it is “natural”

    Hollys last blog post..Drop the Excuses – Sit Tight & Work Out with Richard Simmons

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Holly,

    Nope, added salt isn’t a part of the program, it will stall your weight loss.

    Of course if your doctor has recommended you use added salt (because of medical issues you have) after you have shown them the 6WBMO then that’s different but you wouldn’t achieve the same results as others who follow the program to the letter.

    Most important though, is that you do what is best for your own particular health situation & if you doctor says you need to add salt then that’s what you need to do.

    Otherwise follow the program – I’d recommend rereading the “Using Food to Lose Fat” and “My Custom Eating Plan” chapters in your black book. If you do what Michael Thurmond instructs you to do then you’ll be amazed at the results. 😀

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  • holly

    Hi again!

    so im learning (thanks in part to you) that this is essentially a “whole foods” things. Virtually anything that is processed or prepackage, is not going to be OP. For cost reasons, I decided to finish up the first batch of food I bought (as a newbie when I didnt know any better, now im a five day pro, LOL) and I am still losing. Im guessing when you go from fast food three times a day to what im eating now your bound to be better off at least, although I do believe without a doubt I’ll lose even more and feel better the next round when everthing is no added sodium/sugar AT ALL. One question tho.. how much of the inital weight loss do you really think I should chalk up to “water weight”. Im not trying to burst my own bubble (Ive gone from 230 lbs to 219.5 this am since MONDAY) and im thrilled about my loss, but just want to be realistic… thanks again!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Holly!

    First off, congratulations on your progress so far! You are totally right that going from eating fast food 3 times a day to eating whole foods (and some processed foods that you wanted to use up) will make a huge difference – well, you’re already seeing that. :)

    You’re right that it is a “whole foods thing”, those are the foods that will get your metabolism burning and melt that fat off your body. 😉 As far as water loss vs. fat loss, some of the weight you lose the first week will be water because you’re getting off of that high sodium diet. But the other thing is that the more you weigh when you start the 6-week body makeover, the more you’ll lose.

    If you only have about 10 or 20 lbs to lose your progress will be a lot slower than someone who has 50 or 100 pounds or more to lose. I know some who were overweight by 100 or 150 pounds and dropped 15 in their first week – but again it’s all relative depending on where you start.

    My highest weight was when I started the plan and that was 171.5 – the most I ever lost in a week was 10 or 12 pounds and that was only in the beginning.

    I would bet that once you are following the program 100% you’ll continue to see great progress but eventually you’ll hit a plateau – just keep doing everything per the plan though and you’ll see the scale move, that’s just how your body adjusts. And a really important thing to remember – this is a change in lifestyle…if you go back to the fast and processed foods the weight will come back because those foods really slow down your metabolism, besides creating all kinds of food cravings.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions, and keep up the great work Holly! 😀

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  • Lisa

    What about vegetarians? I don’t eat any meat at all. Is this a doable program

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Lisa,

    I’m not a vegetarian so I can’t speak for how easy it would be but I do know there are vegetarians who are doing the 6-Week Body Makeover and are losing fat/gaining muscle. 😉

    You could check out the vegetarian group of the 6WBMO forum and see what you think after reading more about it.

    Here’s one thread you might want to read re: meat substitutes, but I’d still go through the others if I were you. 😉

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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  • holly

    Hi again! Its been awhile! Thanks for the positive comments!! You are right I had a lot to lose, so its already slowing down, but still coming off. Okay, I know it always sounds like im always trying to play “lets make a deal” here but I have another question. LOL Any chance I can OCCAISONALLY have sushi that is wrapped in tapioca/rice paper and count that as my carb? I know you have to be very careful with additives, etc. These are shrimp “salad rolls” which are small julienned veggies, green lettuce, and shrimp. No rice or breading and I of course dont eat the sauce. I know by the list of ingredients there is some sugar/salt added in the rice papers and its not POP, but is this a BIG no no? I only eat ONE per serving and it weighs out at 2 oz total. P.S. current weight 215 so Im down 15 total so far since 6/2/08

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Holly,

    I wouldn’t do the sushi – remember that the 6-Week Body Makeover is all about science and your metabolism needs to get stoked, which you do by eating whole, unprocessed foods.

    If you start adding in this and that (stuff that isn’t part of the plan) it will be very easy to get discouraged because you won’t get the results everyone else gets by sticking to the program. 😉

    You also run the risk of reintroducing food cravings and it’s been my experience that it takes 3 days of being completely on plan to detox that addictive/craving creating stuff out of my system.

    Hope that helps, and congratulations on your 15 pound loss! :)

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  • Jill

    I never do diet plans, but this plan looks pretty good.. I am 150 lbs and would like to tone up.. I’m in the military, and don’t own a stove, but I own a fridge. Does the SWBM only require foods that must be cooked, or can you subsitute these foods for cold foods?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Jill,

    You’re right, it’s not a diet but just a sensible way of eating regular food, whole foods that is. 😉

    I guess you could do the program and go raw, but that would only work for your fruits and veggies. Your body needs lean proteins to maintain muscle tissue and for fuel and it needs carbs for fuel, too.

    Since this isn’t a diet you only eat foods you like – you choose those foods from the long list of whole food options you’re given and I don’t see how you could do the protein and complex carbs without cooking.

    For example, I eat a lot of lean chicken breast and ground turkey breast (sometimes fish) for my proteins and brown rice and a mix of regular and steel cut oats for my carbs. These all have to be cooked.

    The 6WBMO plan also includes a body sculpting kit that you would use for toning (resistance bands, like a gym in a bag) but the eating portion of the plan is key.

    I’m sorry to have to tell ya this, but here’s an idea…is it possible that you could get a hot plate or “one burner” and some pots and pans to cook with? You know I used to travel with a one burner and a frying pan (true), in fact I still take that burner with me out of town in case they don’t have a microwave (oh, and I take a little tea kettle, too, LOL, true also :) ).

    I’m interested to hear if you can do the hot plate set up. Please let me know what you decide and if you have any other questions.

    Thanks Jill!

  • Holly

    Hi again!

    Okay, down 28 lbs and totally stoked.. but starting to get a wee burned out on chicken and tuna! LOL I have read and re-read 6WBMO book and I dont see anything that says you cant have instant rice, but I saw in a forum thread that its a no-no! I got whole grain brown mintue rice, checked the ingredients (all good) no added salt, sugar, the fiber and protein was good.. the only thing i noticed in the ingredients was “parboiled” brown rice. Can I really not have this?

  • Roberta

    I just purchased my kit, I paid for it but it has not come out of my account yet. It sounds as though you had a lot of success out of the program, and I am praying for as good results as I have heard people talking about.

    I am ready for this, I will do it!! My question is, I am new at this, healthy, never have been but I am ready to be now. What advice or suggestions do you have? I am body type A. And according to the program I have been eating all the wrong things and staying away from what I needed to eat and they were things that I was always told was or was not healthy. So, I hope to learn a lot from all this and cannot wait to get started. I hope I get my information soon. Thanks.

  • http:// Holly

    Hi Roberta! JoLynn (creator of the blog) has been such a HUGE help to me and I know she will reply to you but I just wanted to throw my two cents in! As a “newbie” there are several MAIN things that I have discovered so far that have helped me stay on track. You will hear it more and more the more you research 6WBMO but you MUST be willing to prepare your foods ahead of time to make this work. You eat SO much that you will find yourself glancing at the clock going “oh my goodness its time to eat again!” So for those of us who dont have the ability to be home all the time, you really have to be prepared. It makes it so much easier not to slip and be overwhelmed when you already have everything cut up, bagged up, and ready to go! Also, for me, a great tip was to THINK WHOLE FOODS! I am so programmed by all my other “diets” in the past.. to look for carbs, calories, etc., what you need to know here is (pretty much, loosley translated) if it is pre cooked and/or pre packaged, YOU CANT HAVE IT! :-) i.e. I found some nice low fat low carb sliced turkey breast, (lunchmeat type) and thought.. PERFECT! easy to carry,eat, etc. WRONG! It is loaded with sodium and sugar and preservaties. Take the time to buy fresh/frozen chicken, turkey, and fish, cook it youself in batches, pre measure out your portions (I put mine in little snack bags) and I know a lot of people even keep a pre-packed little cooler with them at all times. THIS WILL HELP YOU SO MUCH!. It seems overwhelming at first, but like anything that you stick to you get used to it and you will learn what to look for and avoid, and BOY will you get creative with food! LOL Other than that, just stay motivated, and remember, the more you have to lose, the faster you will lose it. Your weight loss will slow down eventually, its inevitable, BUT if you stick to it, you will see it continue to come off and you will feel great! JoLynn, please correct anything I got wrong here, and thanks again for being MY support! GOOD LUCK ROBERTA YOU CAN DO IT!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Holly,

    Absolutely, I get burned out too if I eat the same thing over and over. Have you tried any of the recipes from the recipe exchange in the forum yet? There are a Ton of recipes in there, be sure to check it out.

    On the instant brown rice, the reason you need regular instead of instant is because the instant is too processed. Stick with the whole, non-instant brown rice since that will help raise your metabolism since it’s a complex carb and whole food.

    And congratulations on your 28lb loss, that’s awesome!! :)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Roberta,

    I know how excited you must feel for your kit to arrive, I was the same way. :)

    Something you can start doing right now is to drink more water. 100oz of clean water a day is part of the program, clean meaning not that bottled, sugared stuff.

    Some tips? Prepare, plan, and prepare. Cook in bulk, I like to do that on the weekends, get a little cooler to pack your food in for the day or when you run errands, and I like to use ziplok containers to portion out my meals, part of being prepared.

    Also, remember that this isn’t a diet but a change in lifestyle and if you go back to your old ways you’ll go back to your old self – I did that before so learn from my mistakes. :)

    Otherwise just do what your kit says. Michael Thurmond lays it all out for you – be sure to read your black book from cover to cover, too.

    Congratulations in advance!!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Holly and Roberta,

    Wow Holly, I just read your comment to Roberta – spot on! You’re getting this program down, and you’re so right that in the beginning it can seem overwhelming – it was like that for me but it just becomes a way of life and then it’s a snap.

    And the cooler part – that’s essential for each work day. I find it best to pack it up the night before – preparation is where it’s at! 😉

  • Jay

    My wife and I just started this program and we are very excited about it. I noted the “bland” food plan that I hear people complaining about and I shrugged those people off–if you are just following directions letter to letter, nothing will ever satisfy you on this plan–you have to be inventive and go in with a positive “can do attitude”. For a boiled egg, for example, I took some cooked chicken breast, spiced it up a bit and but it in a blender–I then surgically removed the cooked egg yolk from the egg and replaced it with the chicken filling. Turns out putting the chicken back into the egg created one great breakfast recipe. Watch out for naysayers to this diet. If you get overwhelmed by the package and all of its contents then, you should send it back–if you can’t make a serious committment to make this work (and it is a logical, well thought out system) then nothing you try will ever work. See you in six weeks!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Jay,

    Anyone that complains about bland food has never used the Recipe Exchange and learned how to cook with spices! Wow, my food is anything but bland, and I’ve got a cupboard full of spices and herbs. 😉

    You are Exactly correct that it just takes a can-do attitude like the attitude you and your wife have. You’ve got to be willing to change, learn to cook, and you’ve gotta want to get healthy and fit more than you want to remain dependent on the addictive, processed foods.

    And your recipe sounds great! You could submit that as a recipe in the exchange, I’d love to see the spices you used in it, how cool!

    Here’s to your’s and your wife’s health! :)

  • jazzy

    Hi Jolynn I just have 1 question. Do you really thing the 6WBMO will work for me? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve been on many diets, I’ve even been to weight loss centers and the last 1 that tried was the 4idot proof diet and I tell you as of right now my body and system is so screwed up, I’m wondering if anything will work. As it stand right now I’m currently starving myself so that I don’t gain weight. You see I lost anormous amount of weight a while ago and the diet that I was on is not working for me anymore so as of now I’m barley eating and eat is protiens and may some veggies. I’m not gaining weight just salt gain which comes off after taking a water pill but I know that I can’t keep eating this way and don’t have a lot to loose just 15lbs or so. So tell me would the 6WBMO help me?

  • jazzy

    Jolynn it Jazzy again and have another question. Is the 6WBMO simular to the 4idot proof diet? I don’t know if you’ver ever heard of them but there currently two diets on that site that arent quite the same and I’ve tried both of them and they didn’t seem to work for me but I’m willing to try the 6WBMO if you think it will work for me. I’ll patiently wait on your comment.

    Thank you


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  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Jazzy,

    Will it work? Yes, IF you work it. 😉 Meaning that if you follow it as it’s written then you’ll see the results.

    Please stop starving yourself!! I say this with love but hey, that’s the worst thing to do for your metabolism. Something you’ll learn about in the 6WBMO – you MUST eat to lose weight, and eat a LOT! 😉

    If you’d like to see me talking about the 6WBMO a little check out my first video post – I totally believe in this program and Michael Thurmond, the pro body builder/personal trainer who created it. It’s just about learning how to eat real food to speed up your metabolism and lose weight…you eat a Lot of food and work out a little. Yes, you need to exercise, but you’re not killing yourself in the gym.

    Re: the “idiot diet”, I don’t know what that entails and one thing you’ve gotta get – the 6WBMO is Not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. If you want a diet this isn’t it. It’s about changing your lifestyle to lose the weight and keep it off.

    Remember one thing too… the closer you are to your goal the slower it will go, that’s just how it is.

    So, you’ve gotta want to change more than you want to use food for emotions or to cope with life and if you want to do this and you do it, it Will Work.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, I’ll be glad to help. :)

  • jazzy

    Jolynn, just wanted to thank you for your input. I’m definitely going to give it a shot. I’m so anxious to get started that can’t wait for it to be shipped in 5 weeks so I’m going to pay for the 3 day delivery instead. I can remember when I first saw the 6WBMO it was back in 2002 I, really wanted to try it then but ignored it because of it being that kind of commercial that I didn’t think I could trust, so instead I spent a lot of money in a weight loss center. Had I knew back then what I know now about the 6WBMO I could have saved a lot of money. Jolynn, considering I only have 15 or so lbs to loose,does the 6WBMO give you instructions on how to eat without going through the entire 6 weeks? By the way the diet I mentioned earlier is called Fat Loss 4 idiots and I’d really like for you to take a look at its website wikipage and tell me what you think of it, is it anything simular to the 6WBMO? Its food list consist of lunch meat,proteins, nuts, fruits, veggies and some dairy products and you eat 6 meals a day but I didn’t loose anything instead I gained so I quickly ended it.
    So if you could give me your feed back on some of the things that I’ve asked I would greatly appreciate it. One again thank you Jolynn.

    P.S I’m going to check out your video!

  • Jazzy

    Hi Jolynn, just wanted to tell you I ordered my 6WBMO kit today and I’m looking for it to arrived with in the next day or two but before ordering I did the questioner they had on the ordering site and found that my body type is a type “B”. It also gave me a me a list of some of the foods that I’ll be eating. So I have a question. Every thing I consume will it need to be whole foods?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Jazzy,

    I’m not sure what page you’ve seen re: the fatloss4idiots but I did find an “about” page and it didn’t tell me much except that you’re supposed to “follow the diet menu for 11 days & then eat whatever you want for 3 days”.

    This sure sounds like a DIET to me and that’s not what the 6WBMO plan is. It’s a complete change in lifestyle, I’m not sure if you might still be thinking in “diet mode”. 😉

    Also, the 6WBMO isn’t something that you follow and then “go off of” because if you go back to old eating habits you will regain the weight.

    The reason the 6WBMO works is because you eat regular food – lean proteins, complex carbs, fruits and veggies. I just cannot say it enough that it’s not a diet, and that’s a good thing because diets don’t work.

    And remember what I shared in one of my earlier comments… the closer you get to goal the slower the weight loss. You’ve gotta remember that your metabolism might be really slow now because you’ve dieted so many times and especially since you haven’t been eating. Those are sure ways to kill your metabolism, and I don’t know how long it will take you to lose 15 pounds. 😉

    I know one woman who lost over 100 pounds but when she got to her last 10 pounds it took just as long for those 10 pounds to come off as it did for the first 90 – those last pounds don’t always want to let go. That’s not how it is for everyone but in general the last 10 are the hardest.

    You’ve just got to decide if you’re ready to change your lifestyle, which is honestly the only way to keep the weight off anyway. Please don’t think of this as a diet or a quick fix – if you’re willing to change how you live with your body, food, exercise, and how you think about all of these topics then you’ll do great.

    I hope this is helpful, just let me know if you have any other questions…. oh and Yes, this is All About Whole Foods, absolutely. And you know, the biggest benefit I get out of eating this way is the way I feel – tons of energy – the weight loss is great too, though. 😀

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  • Holly

    Hi Jolynn! Just wanted to check in and let you know I weighed in at 205.5 this am.. starting weight was 240 lbs. Woo Hoo! I feel good and you are right, you sure learn to cook and get creative on this program, Im trying new things all the time! (Steamed Tilapia and fresh strawberries.. TOGETHER!.. who woulda thunk it!) LOL Thanks for all the advice and support!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Holly,

    Congratulations, you’re just doing super! Ya see, all ya gotta do is exactly what you’re doing – just follow the program as it is and you’ll not only lose weight but feel awesome (can you attest to that? don’t you have loads more energy now?)

    Steamed Tilapia and fresh strawberries? Wow, that really sounds good! This is funny – my first meal on the 6WBMO was Tilapia. :)

    Keep it up Holly, you’re motivating me!!

  • JoLynn Braley


    I meant to ask….did you take before photos? I hope so but if you haven’t yet take some asap and then keep taking them every 6 weeks. You’ll really see the difference and they’ll come in handy if you ever feel a dip in your motivation, you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come. :)

  • Holly

    Thanks for the kudos! :-) I’m so excited! Just for clarification, my acutal first day of 6WBMO was June 1, 2008 and I was 230 lbs. I actually started “dieting” last month (when I topped out at 240 lbs, yikes) but did Atkins. I lost about 19 lbs the first three weeks, but the last week of the month I went on vacation and was back up to 230 by the end of the week! That’s whats different about this program, it is intended to teach you how to eat FOR LIFE. I know there are people who do Atkins long term and dont want to get into a huge debate here (since I know everyone has their opinions and preferences) but for ME since I was borderline diabetic (due to my obesity) my doctor told me Ketosis was VERY bad for (which makes sense, I had Keto strips and knew diabetics used them to test but never realized it was because the SHOULDN’T be in it!!) so for me, it wasnt something that I felt I could sustain and the weight would just come right back on. Im still learning..(btw can I HAVE apple cider vinegar? LOL) but its sooo worth it and there is so much support out there thru blogs like yours and the 6WBMO websites and forums. You just have to stick with it and change your mindset to a pretty simple way of thinking.. what you put in to your body is what you are going to get out of it!! You cant load up on fast food and processed junk and expect to be thin and healthy.. it just doesnt happen! Anyway, I’ve droned on long enough LOL thanks again for the support and good luck to everyone else just starting out!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Holly,

    Hey, you’re not droning on!

    On the apple cider vinegar, yep, that’s no problem, as long as it doesn’t contain any extra ingredients (mine just says “apple cider vinegar”).

    And you’re so right, it is simple – what you put in is what you’ll get out – you can’t expect loads of energy and great health when you’re feeding yourself low grade fuel. Keep up the great work Holly, your enthusiasm is awesome. :)

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  • Rachael

    Hi, my names rachael and last night I stayed up and saw a commercial for the six week body makeover. and was drawn. I am 16….yes young, but my body does not look it. I have been overweight all my life, well at least as long as i can remember. but i took the body type quiz and found out I’m a type A. I honestly feel like I am prepared to change my life. My skin is starting to break, and it really is just dissapointing because 16 year old girls arent suppose to look like they have had a child. For the past 2 summers I tried quick weight loss center with my mother as well, I lost weight. but i honestly felt like I was starving myself. Left the program and thought I could do it myself. I was younger and didnt have the self drive to lose.last summer i tried la weight loss. felt like i was eating better. then the place went under. and i just never went back. this past spring break i had enough. and told my mom that i was ready to change my lifestyle. and we saw a commercial for medifast. honestly. the worst thing ever. i tried it for literally 2 days. i felt horrible because i have made my mother spend over 3000 dollars in weight loss centers, and packaged powder. medifast all it was was powder you add water too and microwave it. DISGUSTING. so nasty. but my doctor really just wants me to be healthy because my current weight…i am so embarrased to say but it is 172. i dont look like im 172 because i have always been active. i have been a dancer for the past 13 years. and i just recently made my competition team at my studio and realized what they wear to compete is not forgiving and i realized i can not go out with my stomach look bigger than the rest. thats where all my weight goes to. i look like im 150. and im just wondering is this the program for me. i’ve read its a lifestyle so scratch what i just said about program is this the lifestyle for me? my mother says she will pay for the kit. everything seems set, i just really need that one last fact of it will work.

    btw, i should mention, i have the time to prepare my meals, seeing that i am at home practically all day during the summer. and school isnt a problem because i go to a private school and we eat every hour. my friends go for the granolla bars and fruit, while i go for the gummies. so i can eat every two hours at school. i just really hope this is going to work. because i feel like i am destined to be overweight.

    one last question! are bananas, strawberries, carrots, and tomatoes allowed on the six week body makeover. and i know it verries for everyone.but considering i am active. and will to change about how much do you estimate i will lose the first 6 week period?

  • Terri L.

    Just discovered this site and am very intrigued. I’m 53 yrs. old, 5’7″, and tipping the scales at 240. =/ Have had success on WW (lost 70+ lbs), but gained it all back when promoted into management and lost the time to take care of SELF. Well, I’m baaaaack!

    I am currently attempting to eat foods based on my blood type; do you know if the 6WBMO supports the same theory or do they conflict?

    I know my body is not tolerating sugar very well (based on chiropractic/holistic care). Yes, I will miss my coffee (must have creamer & sugar), and yes I will miss my alcohol(!!), but I am soooo ready to feel better, live better, and LOSE WEIGHT!

    I look forward to hearing the difference between 6WBMO and Blood Type dieting. Thanks!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Rachael,

    Good for you for taking charge of your health at such a young age, I think that’s wonderful.

    If your mom is willing to get the 6WBMO kit for you the only thing I can suggest is that you do check with your doctor since this way of eating isn’t recommended for teens, since you’re still growing. You may need to increase your portion sizes but that’s just a guess, I’m not really sure what would change for you but your doctor could tell you.

    Lots of people have taken the plan (take your black book after you get your kit and put your book together) to their docs and gotten the green light and that’s always recommended – I just think it’s especially important for you since you’re still growing.

    Re: does it work – absolutely, if you work it, meaning just follow the plan as it’s written along with any modifications your doctor makes for your age.

    I’m not sure how much you could expect to lose in the first 6 weeks, it depends on how slow your metabolism is currently and how you eat now. Also remember that the more you have to lose the less you will lose – meaning that people who weigh let’s say 250 sometimes lose 15 pounds their first week.

    Myself, my top weight was 171.5, I’m 5’4.5″ tall. I think I lost around 8 pounds or so in my first week, and then averaged about 2 pounds each week.

    It can get slower the closer you get to goal too, those last 10 pounds are sometimes the most stubborn, but if you stick to your eating and exercise plan they will come off.

    Re: bananas, strawberries, carrots, and tomatoes, yes, those are all on the list of whole foods you can choose to eat (only eat what you like, this isn’t a diet). And tomatoes are what’s called a “free food” meaning you can eat as much of them as you want when it’s meal or snack time.

    Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions, and remember this is a lifestyle, so it takes a commitment, but it sounds like you’re ready to make those changes and take care of yourself. :)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Terri,

    I’m not really sure about the blood type but it’s interesting you asked this because someone else asked me about that on my youtube video.

    The 6WBMO goes by what your current metabolism is and you take a short quiz to figure that out. Then this will determine how you combine your whole foods so that you get your metabolism burning super hot and drop those fat stores on your body.

    You know if you’re ready to feel better and you realize that you’re going to be getting off the processed foods and eating real, whole foods then I say go for it – this isn’t a diet though, it’s a way of eating and exercising that will help you lose weight but if you go back to old habits (I did this so I know 😉 ) you’ll regain the weight.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

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  • Kay

    I am of Indian origin and would like to loose about 20-25 pounds. Does this program have any information and or diet plan for a pure vegetarian. Thanks

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Kay,

    Click on this link and it will take you to my comment (#64) above.

    I put a couple of links in that comment to a couple of vegetarian threads on the 6WBMO forum. There are people (vegetarians) who do lose weight with the 6WBMO lifestyle plan but I just cannot give you my personal experience on that because I’m not a vegetarian.

    I hope that helps, just let me know if you have any other questions. :)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Rachael,

    I found some more info that is more specific for your question re: the 6WBMO for teens. Read this, posted on the 6WBMO forum.

    This is why I said the 6WBMO isn’t recommended for teens, since your body is still growing – thought it would help to give you some more info on that. 😉

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  • layne

    Hello Everyone!
    I paid for and ordered my kit and I’m bursting out of the seams with excitement especially after reading this thread! I made the mistake of not rush delivering. I ordered it 2wks ago. I live in Houston, Texas…anyone have any idea how long it will take to arrive? JoLynn, thanks so much for starting this! Its sooooo inspirational!

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Layne,

    Congratulations on ordering your 6WBMO kit! I’m not sure how long it will take to reach you but I can relate to your excitement even though it’s been awhile (Jan 2004) since I first got mine.

    Have fun with it and enjoy your increased energy and muscle tone and fat loss! :)

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  • Ally

    Hey, I’ve ordered my 6WBMO and am bursting at the seams waiting in anticipation (should be delivered this week). After reading the previous posts, I’m more focused than ever to stick with this plan. I’ve been on several other plans, and they worked for a while until I got tired of eating the same things over again. I’m also at university but I do find time to cook (I have no problem with cooking bulk on weekends) and my classes are spread out in such a way I can eat something in between. I was just wondering, can I continue to take my multivitamins and iron supplements while on the program? I suffer from anemia (hence the iron).

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Ally,

    Multivitamins are encouraged and I don’t see why you couldn’t take your iron supplements. I’m not a doctor though so the best thing to do is take your plan to your doc after you get your kit and put your black book together. Your doc can verify any supps you should be taking. 😉

    Hope that helps, and I’m imagining great success for you because you’ll be making time to cook and plan your meals on the weekends for the week ahead.

    Be sure to check out the free recipe exchange and if you use that there’s just no way that you can become bored with your food – I haven’t even come close to trying all of those recipes yet. :)

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  • Jennifer Montanez

    Hi there! I just started the 6 week body makeover today and am wondering about the exercise portion. I am used to working out 4-5 days a week doing kick boxing, spin, etc, etc and am having a hard time grasping that I can only walk and should only get my heart rate no higher than 118 bpm. I am definitely going to go with it and see how it all turns out but wanted others input on that portion and maybe a little testimony that working out 1/2 as hard actually did the trick and the results were better. Any words of advice/wisdom?

  • Courtney

    Hi my name is Courtney and I am 18, I am just starting college. I weigh 350 lbs, so i decided to get the 6wbmo and i ordered it last sunday. How long does it take to ship?

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Jennifer,

    Yes, absolutely just follow what Michael Thurmond gave you in your black book – it’s all about burning fat, the hard workouts that take you out of your target heart rate zone burn sugar.

    Read the accelerated fat burning chapter again in your BB, that will explain all of the details.

    Happy Fitness to you! :)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Courtney,

    It’s been so long since I got mine in the mail it’s hard to remember. If you didn’t pay for the expedited shipping it could be 5-7 days (??), I’m totally guessing on that.

    Great job with taking this step to get healthy and fit. All the best to you with your new lifestyle plan! :)

  • louis r bucalo

    This is really great thanks so much for making this make over plan available. This will be very useful to me as I am ready for a make over 😉

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  • Kelly

    Hi there. I am 18 years old and since I was in elementary school, I’ve had a weight problem. I’ve always been told I was too young to diet, and went on just about every diet with my mom. She is also overweight and we just can’t seem to shed any of our unwanted pounds. We have seen this infomercial time and time again, and have talked about ordering it quite a bit. It’s tough because we’ve had such poor results with all of the other expensive diets that we’ve tried. I have read lots of positive feedback, but I worry about the food. My mom and I are at work and school 6 days a week, so it is hard to prepare meals. We have tried diet plans that required very obscure foods and lots of preparation. I was hoping you could give me a bit of insight on to the best foods to make and eat. We have struggled with the bland taste of foods in previous diets, and I worry that I will find the food on this plan too bland to stay commited to. Thanks for your time and patience with these comments, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Doug Straw Trainer

    I’ve just started a 50 day training programme. Having your own blog to track it helps loads.

  • Sherry

    I know this an old posting, BUT i did not like the 6 week plan. All the meat. I found eating all that meat made me sick. Literally. My digestive system had many comments to make on it as well as my stomach. I feel its just too much meat and not healthy. I do think the eat small meals every 3-4 hours is a good thing for metabolism. but the rest i think is hooey. hate to say it. kinda reminds me of the other fad diets like the South Beach one. plus i didn’t loose one iota of weight.

  • Emily

    I’ve been on the 6 week body makeover for 10 days. I lost 6 lbs the first 5 days but have not lost any more weight. I am 5ft 2 inches tall and weigh 127. I just had a baby 6 months ago. My “normal/goal” weight is 112. Any advice. Thanks!

  • Lizzy

    Today is 10/31/08 — and I’m finally starting the 6-week Body Makeover Diet. I’ve seen what it can do — my son lost 70 pounds in about 4 months by strictly following this. He’s kept off the weight for about 18 months now.
    I have to confess, though, he has the distinct advantage of being married to someone who thoroughly enjoyed shopping for the right foods and who also LOVES to cook. PLUS — she doesn’t work outside the home. I visited them recently and we ate several meals together. He still orders fish or chicken rather than beef — still does not eat desserts. Making great choices and feeling great!

  • Kat

    Sounds like a sensible eating plan, the hard part would be preparation and time management – remembering to make your dinner and take it out of the fridge when you leave the house.

    The results you have seen show it’s worth the effort though!

  • lisa

    So tomorrow will be one week for me. I am a 29 year old female Type B. I have always had a weight problem and started last Tuesday tipping the scales at 181. I was expecting great results and thus far I have onle lost 2.2lbs. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? I have been eating Boars Head chicken breast everyday. Could that be it? I read all of the posts and it seems as though that might be the culprit. I am a little discouraged right now. :(

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  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Ladies! For Kelly, Emily, and Lisa, check out yesterday’s post where I answered your questions as a whole: 6WBMO Reader Questions

    Rock On with your weight loss and healthy lifestyle, and remember to enjoy your present moment – life doesn’t begin when you get to your goal weight, it’s happening right NOW! :)

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Sherry,

    It’s important to listen to your body, maybe you would do better going all raw? I don’t know because I don’t know you personally.

    My experience with the 6WBMO is awesome though, however I stick to light and lean proteins. There are so many options to choose from with the program that you can always try a different protein if it fits your body type.

    Also, in order to lose weight you must follow it as it’s written. If you did that for two weeks straight and didn’t lose weight then I would head on over to your doctor, unless you are within 5 pounds of your goal weight (?). Again, I don’t know your circumstances but if you follow the 6WBMO as it’s written you cannot help but lose weight.

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Lizzy,

    That’s awesome about your son, how great is that!! Yes, learn from his example, follow the plan as it’s written, prepare in advance and you will also succeed. 😉

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Kat,

    Yes, it’s all about planning and preparing and if you’re willing to do that then you’ll be feeling great and losing fat – it really is an awesome lifestyle plan.

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  • Theresa

    I was wondering if there is a vegetarian version of the 6WBMO? Thanks.

  • max

    Seems like a very potent program. I liked the part about giving up processed foods, and “dieting mentality”. Well, who knows, we may even learn how to live normally again and enjoy our food and our body…
    Very good review, with a lot of strong points.

  • JoLynn Braley

    Hi Theresa,

    Look at comment #64 for some links to info re: vegetarians using the 6WBMO.

    I’m not a vegetarian but there are those who have success with the 6WBMO.

  • alex farguson

    Exercising does not only lose weight but also helps in building a healthier lifestyle. We really have a lot in common when comes to body building. 😀
    I am already subscribed. You can contact me if you need to. 😉

  • Jennifer

    Hey if anyone is looking for a great motivational tool to help them with their weight loss journey, you should check out the weightmirror application on the iPhone. It is so easy to use. Just take a picture of yourself and the application will instantly show what you could look like up to 50 Lbs lighter.
    It is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone!

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  • Marjorie

    I am very interested in this SWBMO, but I am concerned because I am an extremely picky eater! I do not like fish and a lot of other foods….Just wondering if this would be something that could work for ME.

  • Marjorie

    One more question. I do not have a lot of weight to loose. For me, I am looking to loose 10-15lbs and tone up. Is this a good program for that or is it more for people that are looking to loose much more weight?

  • Maria

    Question, how can I make my chiken taste good without salt?


  • Lynda

    I have been doing the Six Week Body Makeover program for one week, and I am thrilled! But weight loss isn’t my biggest reward. I am diabetic and my blood sugar has been out of control since I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I have rarely had readings under 200 and most of the time they were 300 and above. I have been on Metformin, Byetta and Insulin for over a year with little change. My blood sugar after one week on this program is in the normal range! I could dance for joy! I have also lost 10 pounds in the week and my body is not in half of the pain I have been in for years!
    My two daughters are doing the program with me and they have had great results too.
    I have read about many people complaining about minding the lack of salt, but already, after a week, I don’t miss it…much. We bought several no salt seasonings like Mrs Dash and I have been using some recipes for condiments that I got off of the Yahoo 6wbmo site. We made Ketchup, Barbeque Sauce, Mustard and several marinades and our food is delicious!

    Another thing that has helped is cooking for the week. We made a big pot of oatmeal, one of rice, baked potatoes and chicken breasts and hard boiled eggs for the week. We also cut up vegetables and it has made meals so easy!

    The thing about this, or any program is that you just have to be ready to do it. You have to be of the mind set that you are just going to eat to live well, not live to eat well! And this program is one that you can live with! This is probably how most people ate 75 years ago before all of the processed foods were popular. (Besides the restriction of wheat, sugar and salt)

    I decided to purchase this program because:
    1. I wanted something pre-set with a structured program so that it was easier for my teen daughters.

    2. I have read books on several food plans that are very similar, but that were recommended for various medical problems. This is similar to the “anti-infammatory” Leptin resistance diet, it is similar to the diet recommended for Candidas Albican (Yeast) Overgrowth, it is also very similar to the program that I did at Duke Diet and Fitness Center, which cost me $2500 per month to attend!

    3. The website is offering the plan for payments of $19.99 per month.

    4. I needed to do something that proved to myself that I was ready to commit to making a change and that i was worth it!

    So if you are waivering about whether this is a good program for you…it is definitely personal. If you want to know if it works, definitely! If you are ready to do the work!

    Good Luck!

  • Deb

    I am a vegetarian. I eat no meat or anything containing any animal product, animal fat, which is in alot more foods than I think people realize. A hostess cupcake, for example, contains beef fat!
    Could this program work me? Are there alternatives in the recipes for a vegetarian? I am also diabetic. I know most vegetarians are already thin, but I have bad eating habits and eat too much of what I do eat – I like – OK love carbs as well. I take supplemenal vitatmins to try to get all my body’s needs – but I still eat alot of packaged or frozen Quorn and Morning Star products. I would say I am at least 70 pounds overweight. I don’t exercise much either – but am a willing participant. Thank you –

  • Deanna

    I previously lost 30 pounds on the Atkins diet. However, that was just not a life style I could maintain forever. That is what concerns me about this diet. No bread, no sweets, no milk that is so restrictive I wonder if I could maintain it for life. I just don’t want to loose a large amount of weight only to discover that if I have some bread or an occasional (once every two months) sweet it all comes back.


    The Six Week Body Makeover is worth a try

  • Lia

    Hi, JoLynn!

    I’ve ordered the 6WBMO, and my kit is due to arrive tomorrow. I’m really excited, but I do have a question about the blueprinting. I’ve taken the blueprint quiz online several times online, mainly because there were a few questions I was a little wishy-washy or undecided on, and due to those few questions, half the time I came out as a “D” and the other half of the time I cane out as a “B.” I’m a little concerned that I may end up eating the incorrect way for my type because of this. Do you have any advice for folks who have a hard time definitively determining their body type?

    Thanks in advance!

  • priyanka

    Hi, Jolynn Braley, i want to buy 6 week body makeover book but i am confuse about food, iam vegan so i can’t eat any animal protien,sea food,eggs .so plz tell me is there any vegan option and recipe for me in this book?