The Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond is the best weight loss plan that I have ever experienced. I am so grateful that I found this program and purchased it in January, 2004. I have been very successful with it, initially losing 43.5 pounds (**not in 6 weeks — I started at 171.5 — the higher your start weight the more you will lose in the first 6 weeks. )

UPDATE 2013: Note the date on this article (6-18-2007)…I wrote this article 6 years ago and that time the 6WBMO was the best weight loss plan I experienced, which specifically means the best physical weight loss plan – it did not help me get a weight loss mindset, which is 90% of the problem nor is that what the Six Week Body Makeover is supposed to do! The 6WBMO is for your body (it is 10% of the solution).

You must clean out your mind first and Heal the Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles if you ever wish to achieve struggle-free, permanent weight loss, so that you can consistently take action without any struggle or self-sabotage. Most cannot Heal the Root without the help of a professional weight loss coach because you can’t see beyond your blindspots, and you have no idea what you don’t know that you don’t know.

If I had wanted to, I could have made my entire website about this program. I chose not to go that route because even though it’s the best physical weight loss program (IMHO), there are still so many other factors (i.e.: motivation, your thoughts, your fears, emotional eating, old habits, using excuses, etc.) that can sway you in your weight loss goals, factors that I have been, and will continue to write about here at Fearless Fat Loss. Since there are so many positives that I could give you about the Six Week Body Makeover (6WBMO), this post is an overview of the program.

You might have read some of my other articles about getting off processed food and committing to lifestyle changes in order to not only lose weight, but also to feel great. It’s not like I was born with this knowledge though, in fact, my daily diet used to consist of 95% frozen, processed, sugared, salted, bagged, boxed, and fast food! I had to learn how to make changes in my lifestyle, how to prepare and eat whole, healthy foods, and how to exercise productively.

The 6WBMO gave me the tools that I needed to make real changes in my life. I learned how to cook “real”, whole foods, use spices, and enjoy my sweets in the form of fruits. I learned that I could eat more, exercise less, and end up losing more weight (and the right kind of weight–fat rather than muscle) without starving myself. I learned that I needed to make true lifestyle changes, and that the Six Week Body Makeover is not a short-term diet. I learned the hard way that if you treat it as a diet, using it only to get the weight off and then returning to old eating habits, then the weight will come right back (the only reason you would return to old habits is because you never got a weight loss mindset to begin with).

After you reach your goal weight and you keep your new eating habits that you learned throughout the losing phase, you can add back in a few processed foods here and there, but you must monitor yourself very closely. If you have food addictions, and/or are prone to binging whenever you eat your trigger foods, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to continue to keep those foods out of your daily diet.

If I had not purchased this program, I don’t think it would have been that easy for me to complete my experiment and completely eliminate all refined sugars, foods high in natural sugar, and sugar alcohols because with the knowledge I had from the 6WBMO, I knew how to eat whole foods, how much to eat, how to combine foods, and when to eat (you eat several, smaller meals throughout the day). Therefore, I had a healthy eating plan that I could follow that kept my body in balance.

The program is simple, and at the same time contains a good deal of information so that you can truly make this your lifestyle. Actually, I cannot give you every detail of the eating plan, for a couple of reasons: 1.) it’s copyrighted information by Michael Thurmond, and I would get myself in trouble for giving away for free what everyone else purchases, and 2.) more importantly, you really need to have all of the information in your possession in order to successfully work the program.

Once you receive your “kit”, just follow the instructions and do the plan as it’s written and you’ll be amazed at how the weight just drops off. Your kit contains everything that you need to not only get started and drop the weight, but also your body sculpting bands (resistance training), a recipe book (I’ve found a few favorite recipes in it), your “black book” that is chock full of information, and a video tape (or DVD) that will get you started. All you have to do is pop that in and it will walk you through everything.

Your kit will also teach you how to “blueprint” your body to customize the program to your specific body type since the program differs depending on which of the four types you fit, A, B, C, or D (I’m an A). The entire program is really quite something; I’m getting excited all over again just by writing about it, even though I bought mine so long ago.

Here are just a few of the reasons that I love the Six Week Body Makeover:

  • You only eat foods that you like. If you force yourself to eat foods you don’t like, then it’s just like being on a diet, and the 6WBMO is not a diet.
  • I learned how to cook great tasting meals with whole foods using spices and herbs. The extent of my cookingpreviously was boiling pasta and putting a frozen meal in the microwave. Learning how to cook is freeing and I now love the creative process.
  • I learned that I don’t have to kill myself with exercise to get results. The 6WBMO gives you the options of specific exercises that you can do to get specific results with your body. You learn how to sculpt your body the way that you want it to look.
  • It is awesome to eat so often during the day and at the same time, I am almost always hungry when I eat. This isn’t so much a factor now, but when I first started this plan in 2004, eating every couple of hours helped me to work through the habit I had of wanting to eat often whether I was hungry or not. In this case, I was now hungry when I ate, and I was also eating healthy foods for my body.
  • I feel absolutelywonderful. I have so much more energy, it’s easy to get out of bed in the morning, my head is clear, and my motivation level is much higher. (** I must add, that the first week I didn’t feel that great, because my body was detoxing, but that’s only for a short period of time.)

Even though I believe in the 6WBMO 100% and have recommended it to my family members and friends (when I was asked what I was doing), I wouldn’t ever purchase it for someone as a gift. The reason is that you really need to be ready to let go of any excuses and commit 100% to yourself and this program, at least for 6 weeks. Anyone is much more committed to something that they purchase compared to a weight loss program that was given to you (that you probably didn’t even ask for!).

You also receive the guarantee that you will lose up to 30 pounds in your first 6 weeks with the 6WBMO, otherwise you can return it for a refund (S&H not included) “within 8 weeks of your receipt of the product, no questions asked”.

If you aren’t ready to commit 100% for 6 weeks and follow the plan as it is, then I wouldn’t recommend this to you at this time. It does involve changing how you eat and exercise, you do need to do some cooking of whole foods if you want to have variety in your meals, and it does take some planning. I cook in bulk on the weekends and then I have enough meals for the whole week.

I would recommend the Six Week Body Makeover to you if:

  • You are ready to make some changes and give it 6 weeks no matter what.
  • You are ready to feel absolutely awesome with more energy than you might have had in a long time.
  • You are ready to give up your “diet mentality” and look at this as a lifestyle change rather than a short-term diet to just get the weight off.
  • You are serious about getting fit, sculpting your body with toning exercises, burning the fat with cardio (“approved”, productive cardio per the 6WMBO), and raising your metabolism by eating more food, 5-6 times throughout your day (every 2.5 – 3 hours), and drinking at least 100 oz. of water per day.
  • You are willing to trust that this will work if you work it.
  • You are willing to have an open mind about changing your eating habits, habits that you might have though were a necessary part of life. Meaning that, on this plan you do not eat salt/sodium, dairy, flour/wheat, sugar, or unhealthy fats (I will write future posts on why you do not need to add salt to your food for your health, why dairy isn’t necessary for human health, and more about food addictions).

Note: I’ve read of several people who have taken the 6WBMO to their doctor and have only received positive feedback. In fact, there are many people who have ended medications by doing this plan, but of course you would have to follow your doctor’s advise on that.

I would not recommend the Six Week Body Makeover to you if:

  • No matter how many diet books, workout DVD’s, gym memberships, personal trainers, or nutritionists you have invested in you still sabotage yourself. You might have lost weight but you always regain it. You have a persistent, nagging problem with food and your weight – it’s a continual struggle and if you get real with yourself you can easily see that it’s been going on for years and years. In this case (which is why 95% of dieters fail) even the Six Week Body Makeover won’t help you, because you won’t follow it. You will be one of those people who is consistently “Starting Over”, “Looking for Motivation”, or Stuck. You MUST take specific steps to heal your Inner Self first before proceeding with the Six Week Body Makeover or any other healthy lifestyle program. Otherwise you’ll blame the 6WBMO for not working, when it’s really all about YOU.
  • Your lifestyle consists of daily air travel, especially international travel, since you would have a hard time taking all of your meals with you each day. I imagine that you could modify the program, however you wouldn’t be doing the program as it’s written and your results would reflect this.
  • You are not willing to schedule time to prepare your meals and always have your food ready to take with you each day. For example, if you work 15-18 hours a day and do not have your weekends available to cook in bulk for the coming week, then you would not be making this program a priority in your schedule. In order for you to be successful, it does require preparation time (read the first bullet point above since you always make time for that which you value most, therefore you have internal struggle that is stopping YOU from making YOU and your body a priority, and this is what stops you from achieving lasting success – not any diet).

Essentially, you just have to eliminate all excuses and commit to yourself that you will follow the Six Week Body Makeover as it is written for 6 weeks, no tweaking or modifying. If after 6 weeks you haven’t lost up to 30 pounds, then you can always return it. I don’t think that many people return theirs though, and the ones that I’ve read about weren’t committed to working it 100%. That’s why I don’t think it would be a good experience for you if you have not Healed the Root of your internal struggles with food and your weight.

If you have zero issues with self-sabotage, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, binge eating, food obsessions, food abuse or an F.A.T. Mindset and you are able and willing to take consistent, struggle-free action with a physical weight loss plan then check out the 6WBMO plan.

If you have never achieved struggle-free permanent weight loss and you’d love to be able to live a healthy lifestyle without self-sabotage then you’ll need to get a weight loss mindset. Mindset is 90% of your inability to lose weight and keep it off. A weight loss mindset makes it easy to follow through.

If you are serious about achieving the results of permanent weight loss then click here for your first step. This is for you if you’d love to stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful but I still can’t lose weight and keep it off?!”