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Ok, so I’ve been keeping you in suspense since last Friday (May 6, 2008) when I shared that I started another mono diet to cleanse myself from my Splenda affair. Yesterday I gave you the whole rundown on the fallout of my affair with Splenda, but I also said that I’d give you some more details today about the mono diet I did.

Check Out The Background If you haven’t read my post about mono dieting to prevent breast cancer, you may want to do that now and then come back to this post. You can also check out the update I posted on my 3-day experiment with mono dieting at that time.

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My 3-Day Plan

This time I chose to mono diet in a different way (remember in Harvey Diamond’s book, there are different options) and this time I didn’t juice. Juicing does give your system more of a break and he does recommend it, however this time I just felt like doing the options of only fresh fruits and vegetables.

I spontaneously decided to do the mono diet last Wednesday to cleanse my lymph system because of what I’d learned about Splenda. Initially I was only going to mono diet for 3 days, that’s 3 days of eating only fresh fruits and veggies. I also drank at least 100oz of clean water each day, and one thing that I must disclose (that I do not recommend that you do) is I drank one cup of tea in the morning. Tea is not a part of mono dieting to cleanse your lymph glands and I am only telling you about this because I have to be completely honest with you about my experience.

What I Ate

Mono Dieting Experiment at Honestly, there’s nothing special to what I ate during my recent mono diet to cleanse my lymph system – I simply ate fresh fruits and veggies whenever I was hungry and as much as I wanted. I did not go hungry, and the hardest part for me was getting through the first day – the other hard part was eating raw broccoli.

I ended up mainly eating fresh fruit and I really enjoyed it – bananas, tangerines, apples, strawberries, grapes, pears, some of these fruits being ones that are not included in the 6-week body makeover program. **By the way, I need to add that this mono diet has absolutely nothing to do with the 6-week body makeover plan that I often blog about here at Fearless Fat Loss, and mono dieting is purely for health reasons, not for weight loss.

In fact the way that I stick to the mono diet and see it through is by reminding myself that I’m doing it for health, not for weight. (This a good thing to remember at all times when you’re eating healthy, isn’t it. Get off of the weight loss/diet mentality and onto the most important reason to eat healthy – to get health and fit!)

My Astounding Experience with Mono Dieting

So this is the reason I’m writing this post today – originally I was going to mono diet for 3 days and I extended it to 4 days. Why? I was feeling good, and believe it or not, I had some more fruit to eat up (no joke!) So, I stuck with my mono diet of only fresh fruits and veggies through Sunday and I am ever glad I did because here’s what happened: On Sunday, I went grocery shopping at Meijer and was wandering around in my favorite spot, their international aisle. I was looking at boxed, processed Thai meals after picking up plain, rice noodles (only ingredients are rice and water) and had an amazing realization – I had absolutely NO desire for processed foods.

Yes, it’s true – here I was, standing in the grocery store, a place where I usually have thoughts and desires for processed foods, and I had none. I hope you can relate to the magnitude of what I’m sharing with you – I did not yearn for the processed dead foods that normally I would.

Chalk It All Up To Mono Dieting? I actually think that there are a couple different pieces of the puzzle at work here, and doing the mono diet cleanse brought them to the forefront:

  1. The mono diet detoxed me and gave me a “clearing” not only in my physical body, but also in my mind and emotional body.
  2. I’m in the 10th week of my emotional eating experiment with the Shrink Yourself program. I’m experiencing a decrease in my desire to emotionally eat, which in the past has still been present even when I didn’t physically crave addictive substances (refined sugar, flour, dairy, salt, unhealthy fats).
  3. There is a chemical component to this – being off of all refined sugar and white flour (the 2 main ingredients that trigger my addictive eating urges) plays a large role in my experience. When I get that stuff out of my system, the cravings for more of the sugar and flour disappear – I documented this in my ban on refined sugar experiment. The only thing that was different in that experiment was that I was still having emotional cravings, and on Sunday I wasn’t feeling them.
  4. I’ve also been doing other things like staying in the moment and bringing awareness into my urges to emotionally eat. This would take another post to go into and I actually didn’t even have emotional eating episodes come up during my mono diet, but I believe that raising my awareness of why I wanted to emotionally eat is compounding in interest – each time that I remain conscious and aware of why I want to emotionally eat, the more I regain my personal power and the emotional hunger dissolves.

That’s My Story and I’m Sticking To It

I just had to share this story with you, and I really hope that you gain some inspiration from it. Sure, to fully “get it”, you would need to experience yourself but if I can do it, you can too! For me to be standing there in the grocery store surrounded by all of the foods that I’d normally crave and to not have a pull towards any of them is just something that’s….well, it’s really quite astounding.

I sincerely wish the same experience for you of getting to that space where you don’t desire the unhealthy stuff anymore, and believe me when I say that if I can do this, I whole-heartedly believe that you can. This is why I’ve been sharing all of these nitty gritty details of my ups and downs with you for over a year here at Fearless Fat Loss.

I’m not any different than you, which means that you can do what I’m doing – you can get free of the physical and emotional bindings to food and allow yourself to live in a fit, healthy, vibrant body, while still enjoying food. And most importantly, you can Enjoy Life and live it to the fullest. Also, I’m not saying that mono dieting is the only way to get to that space of freedom, this is simply my recent experience of getting to that spot I’ve wanted to get to – where I honestly don’t even want the processed gunk.

Oops, Almost Forgot the Weight Loss (side benefit, yeah!) Yes, there is a side benefit to mono dieting to cleanse your system – I did lose 4 pounds by simply eating only fresh fruits and veggies and drinking 100 oz. of clean water each day. I almost forgot to tell you about my weight loss before I posted this because it’s really not the focus of my story today.

What About You? If you’ve had an astounding experience, a real “aha” moment in regards to your food addiction or emotional eating, I’d love to hear about it in a comment below. Eye-opening realizations are something that each of us needs to experience ourselves in order feel that shift in consciousness in how we relate to food, to our bodies, to our personal self, but when we share them it can be very inspiring for others who may not have had one yet.

UPDATE: Let’s Get Real (and Get Permanent Weight Loss!)

It’s 2014 and I’ve just read this article (above) that I wrote 6 years ago. So let’s get real now, 6 years later (if you’re reading this in 2014). Did you know that if you had gotten a weight loss mindset six years ago then you’d have No Problem with overeating or overweight today? You wouldn’t even be reading this article now!!

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about you’re not alone. Millions are struggling right now with emotional eating, binge eating, yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage because they are looking for the solution to their overeating and overweight in all the wrong places. You see, there is No Food Plan, Fad Diet or Exercise Bootcamp that can fix the problem you have, because the problem you have is NOT about the food, or about the fat on your body.

The Good News is that once the root of the problem is healed, then you will be free.

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