Lizard ByettaA few weeks ago I was listening to Richard Simmons on Sirius Satellite radio, which is my normal Sunday routine – I listen to Richard while I’m doing my cooking for the week.

One of his callers shared that she had lost some weight because she was using lizard spit! This is not a joke but don’t get all excited and make a run for the store for your own supply because the lizard spit is part of a medication for type 2 diabetics only.

Byetta – Lizard Spit

Byetta (exenatide) is a drug that is only available for use by those who have type 2 diabetes (it cannot be used by those with type 1 diabetes), and it contains a chemical that is found in the saliva of the Gila Monster, hence the Lizard Spit name.


Byetta works to stimulate the secretion of insulin in the body in response to high blood sugars and it’s been found that it also may reduce appetite, which is how some have found themselves losing weight because of their diabetes medication.

Not a Cure for Overweight

While the Lizard Spit isn’t a cure for your overweight, if it helps those with type 2 diabetes and gives them the side benefit of weight loss then at least it’s a positive side effect. I think the best case scenario would be if the patient who is using Byetta were to gain positive motivation after losing a few pounds and then incorporated a complete and healthy lifestyle change for themselves. After all, nothing works like lifestyle changes do and not only physical lifestyle changes but also mental, emotional, and spiritual changes.

Actually, remember the post I wrote about the folks who went raw and completely reversed their diabetes, getting off all medication? Well if a type 2 diabetic were using Byetta and then was inspired to take action and create a complete and healthy lifestyle after losing some weight, then that would be the ultimate outcome!

A Real Life Example

I started this article with the mention of the caller on Richard Simmon’s show on Sirius who had lost some weight by using Byetta for her type 2 diabetes. One of my Twitter friends (Jeff), has been on Byetta for a couple of months and has lost 40 pounds. The thing is though, is that he’s not just relying on the lizard spit to lose weight. Jeff changed his eating and exercise habits and is incorporating healthier habits into his lifestyle, including regular walking – 45 minutes each morning! Now that’s a great thing.

You know that I don’t believe in magic dust or pills for weight loss but if you’re diagnosed with diabetes you’re going to be put on medication. If you’re a type 2 diabetic and it helps you gain motivation to change your lifestyle after losing a few pounds from using Byetta to control your blood sugar, then at least the outcome is positive. Furthermore if you’re changing your lifestyle and getting fit in body, mind, and spirit then you’re on the right track.

A Final Thought

While lizard spit seems to be helping some type 2 diabetics lose weight, there’s always the chance that when you take medication there can be adverse effects. Just this week the FDA announced complications with Byetta, which of course contains other ingredients besides the lizard spit. Even if this were not the case however, I am still all about getting to the bottom line issue and healing the issue from the bottom up. 6 cases (2 fatal) of patients who had been using Byetta

Keeping that in mind I want to leave you with this: if you want to avoid complications with your diabetes and/or your diabetic medication, why not do what the folks did who went raw and completely reversed their diabetes and were off their insulin in 4 days time (scroll to the bottom of that post for more info).

You would never discontinue your medication without the consult of your doctor but instead you would involve your doctor just like doctors were involved with each of the 4 diabetics who completely reversed their condition.

I truly believe that if you are in the same situation that you can do this, too – it just takes willingness and the desire to go for it at the highest level to get healthy and fit – no excuses. And it sure would give you a great story to tell!

Photo by play4smee