There are several diets that I want to learn more about and start giving you my reviews of here at Fearless Fat Loss. In case you are new to my site, I’d like to give you a short introduction to this category.

You see, I personally do not believe in diets. This is based on my definition of a diet: “a short term way of eating to get the weight off as quickly as possible. Diets have a beginning and an end”.

Based on my definition, I just don’t believe that diets can work in the long run because unless you learn how to make peace with yourself, your body, your emotions that you are trying to cover up by eating, the reasons that you overeat, and with food or food addiction, I just don’t see how a short term way of eating can solve the issue of overweight.

Even so, you must make up your own mind, and if you want to go on a diet then you have free will to do so. 🙂 Since I write about health, fitness, and weight loss, I am interested in researching the diets that I have not done myself, as well as writing about my own experiences with the ones that I have done, so that I can pass this information on to you.

Knowing the bias I have towards dieting will give you the insight into the slant that I will take in reviewing these diets. However, even though I don’t believe in them as a long term solution, I will keep an open mind and look at the diets with the question of how healthy they are for your body, as well as if they could be adapted to live with long term as a lifestyle.

I will actually be starting out writing about the eating plan that I began in 2004, which is not a diet. Even so, there are people who view it as a short term diet to get the weight off, but if you go back to eating how you did before, the weight will come right back; I know this from my own experience. 🙄

I hope that you enjoy my diet reviews and that my opinions, research, and/or personal experience can help you decide what is right for you.