Here’s something both fun and informative that I came across while doing some online research. It’s a site run by the FTC that lists links to 2 separate sites they have set up in order to illustrate what to look for in a bogus diet or health cure site.

The diet site is titled Fat Foe. It’s a slick looking web site, one that is engineered to charge you for a dream of quick and easy weight loss, while you still get to eat all of those sugary, fried, breaded, whatever kinds of foods you prefer to eat. I know we all wish that we could eat whatever we want whenever we want, and still lose weight (hey, I’d like that!), but the problem is, your body just doesn’t work like that. Sadly, I can’t even follow that statement with “unless you’re a teenager”, because so many children are obese today.

The other bogus site they set up is advertising a cure for diabetes and is called Glucobate. If you click on any of the links on the site (or on the Fat Foe site), you will end up on a page that outlines the red flags that tell you why a site like this isn’t legit. For instance, if a site claims to have a scientific breakthrough for diabetes, and this is the first you’ve ever heard of it, better Google for some info before purchasing. 😉 If you don’t find any legit press releases, don’t spend your money!

I thought that both of these sites were amusing, but when you think about it, they really aren’t because ads like these pull in so many well-intentioned people as they appear to offer hope and an easy fix. Basically though, we all know that if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

I know, it would be great if you could take off the pounds, increase your energy, and build muscle without having to put in any effort, but weight loss and fitness do take conscious effort. Besides, if no effort was involved, where would you get a sense of accomplishment and pride from achieving one of the most difficult things in life, which is changing your lifestyle to eat healthy and exercise regularly?

Check out both sites (Fat Foe & Glucobate) and come on back here to leave a comment to share whether or not at first glance you would have thought that the sites were legit. It’s very interesting what some marketing copy and images can do, which is all the more reason for you to stay informed and on top of what is truly healthy and good for you. 😉

How To Spot a Bogus Diet or Health Cure Site