What Normal Eating Looks Like: Moldy Muffins!

Moldy Muffins

Ever wondered what Normal Eating looks like? In the past, I NEVER would have had moldy food in the house, because I would have Stuffed Myself with all of it before it could go moldy! Today I woke up and found Moldy Muffins in the frig – exciting!!! This is a sign of Normal Eating […]

How Does Your Mindset Help You Get Permanent Weight Loss? New Interview with JoLynn Braley

The Martin Hamilton Show | Fearless Fat Loss

New Interview with JoLynn Braley on The Martin Hamilton Show! Topic: How does a weight loss mindset help you get permanent weight loss? Recently I was interviewed by Martin Hamilton of Malibu Nutrition on his iTunes show The Martin Hamilton Show. It was a fun interview and Martin asked me some excellent questions about a weight loss […]

3 Signs Diets Aren’t Working For You


So you say you want to lose weight but instead you lose a few pounds and then regain it all back plus more (ack!)! You feel extremely frustrated because you’ve been dealing with your weight problems for most of your life. In fact, as you think back right now, you can identify the age you […]

Why You Can’t Stop Stuffing Yourself with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Stuffed Turkey

Did you feel completely stuffed like a 24-pound turkey after eating Thanksgiving dinner? Are you feeling stuffed today on all of the Thanksgiving leftovers? Have you noticed that you’re asking yourself the same question you ask yourself no matter what time of year it is? That question being: “Why can’t I stop stuffing myself?!”, or […]

What Is The Difference Between Fat Loss and Weight Loss?

Apple and Scale | Fearless Fat Loss

News Flash! Weight loss is not all it’s cracked up to be! In fact, there are several reasons why you should NOT lose weight. How could this possibly be true?? Especially when there are millions upon millions searching for the next magical cure to lose weight…without making any lifestyle or mindset changes? (eek! That’s not […]

What IS Permanent Weight Loss?

What Is Permanent Weight Loss

What IS Permanent Weight Loss? Permanent weight loss, above all else, is Freedom. Freedom from the pain. Freedom from the struggle. Freedom from the never-ending up and down battle you wage with yourself, forever telling yourself you’ll “start on Monday” and “I’ll suddenly be different tomorrow!”. Unfortunately for you, that Monday, Someday, One Day never […]