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Congratulations on your decision to reach out and apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session! It’s your first step towards permanent weight loss.

The Weight Loss Discovery Session with JoLynn Braley, Weight Loss Mindset Expert and Founder of The Inner Self Diet™, will help you gain clarity and discover the gap between where you are v.s. where you’d really like to be.

Why The Discovery Session Is So Important

Not only will you gain clarity on your vision and challenges on the call with JoLynn but also The Inner Self Diet™ is Invitation Only. Why is it important to know this now? Because if you are serious about putting an end to a lifetime of ongoing food and weight battles, you will need much more than one phone call. The good news is that on the discovery session with JoLynn, if it is a mutual fit, you will receive an invitation to enroll in The Inner Self Diet, JoLynn’s  proven, proprietary, step-by-step coaching system to struggle-free weight loss.

Since JoLynn works personally with her exceptional permanent weight loss coaching clients to coach them to the release of all of their ongoing frustrating struggles with food and their weight, there is no open enrollment into the The Inner Self Diet™. The only way to receive an invitation to the best permanent weight loss system on the planet is to speak with JoLynn.

The Inner Self Diet Invitation Only

Note that The Inner Self Diet is not an ordinary, cheap, online course that you attempt to do on your own, nor it is one of 20 diet books you have purchased and never been able to follow through on. Instead The Inner Self Diet is the full solution to your ongoing battles to lose weight and keep it off. The Inner Self Diet heals the root of your emotional eating, binge eating, yo-yo dieting, self-sabotage and more. A task that is extremely difficult to do on your own simply because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Even if you had the years of professional training JoLynn has, when you’re so wrapped up in your food obsessions and weight struggles, you cannot see the way out. This is why all high achievers high a coach: because they don’t know what they don’t know and also, they’re smart! They know that the quickest and easiest way to get what they want is to hire a coach with a proven system and just follow the steps of all those who have come before them!

Speaking with JoLynn on a one-on-one complimentary weight loss discovery session is the only way to gain a possible invitation to enroll in JoLynn’s proven, step-by-step mentoring program The Inner Self Diet™.  JoLynn only offers an invitation after interviewing an applicant on the call to determine if there is a mutual fit for the applicant to enroll in The Inner Self Diet™. JoLynn does not work with those who are determined to stay stuck in their comfort zone and refuse to step up and fully commit to themselves and their lasting success with their weight.

On your one-on-one call with JoLynn (yes, you’ll be speaking directly with JoLynn!) you’ll get to share your struggles and also share exactly what you CRAVE in the results you’d LOVE to be living in your body (and your life), and just how good you would feel if you could put ALL on your ongoing, frustrating struggles with food and your weight behind you…for good.

YES! All of your struggles CAN be put behind you!

Whether you struggle with:

  • Emotional eating
  • Binge eating
  • Compulsive overeating
  • Night eating
  • Last supper eating
  • Low self-worth
  • Sugar addiction
  • Food obsessions
  • Self-sabotage
  • Self-criticism
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self-confidence
  • Scale Obsession
  • Insecurities

Additionally, you can release that guilt, shame or embarrassment about all of the times you have lost weight, only to regain it. (If your specific struggle is not listed then write it in your application below because it can be ended. There is NO reason to struggle with your weight, once the ROOT of your never-ending food and weight battles is healed.)

If You Feel:

  • Frustrated as you continue asking yourself, “How can I be so gosh darned successful in my business life, but I just can’t lose weight and keep it off?! I can’t stop compulsive overeating, obsessing about food, emotional eating, binge eating [fill in the blank with your struggles] and I always sabotage my weight loss….even though I am highly intelligent and ‘know better’…”
  • Fed Up as you ask yourself, “If I’m so smart then why couldn’t I solve this ongoing problem after all of these years?”
  • Fat as you notice not only the weight of your body, but also the heavy weight of the years of trying…only to still be where you are, and craving a way out. Craving the ease and flow of permanent weight loss without deprivation, struggle, or force.

If this is how you feel then exactly how much longer are you willing to keep feeling like this? Especially since you do not need to feel like this or live like this (unless you choose to). What If you had no struggle at all with food and your weight? Is it possible? Of course it is! You weren’t born a compulsive overeater. You weren’t born an emotional eater. You were not born a food addict, sugar addict, or yo-yo dieter!

“Now this is FREEDOM!!!”

“I’ve released 27 pounds so far and I wholeheartedly recommend this program!! Even though I “hoped” that this program would work, I honestly did not know that I could experience struggle-free living in regard to food. There’s no struggle making these new, healthy choices.” ~ Marsha S, Shining in Texas (Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™)

It’s a proven fact that you CAN end ALL of your never-ending struggles with food, overeating, and overweight. But the only way out is through: through your Inner Self (and it will never happen by wishing and hoping). When you take action with the specific steps that are proven to work you will achieve full FREEDOM from the worry, stress, anxiety, frustration and desperation you live with today. No more “Monday I’ll change!” (exactly how many times have you said that?!)

The Only Question Is…

Break Free of emotional eating binge eating and yo-yo dieting with permanent weight loss coach JoLynn Braley |

The Only Question Is…

Are You Ready to Learn How to Let Go of Your Lifelong Problems with Food and Your Weight?

Are You Ready to Learn How to Be Nice to Yourself? To Stop Beating Up on yourself, over and over again? To Stop Stuffing your depression, fears, and self-doubts down with the food?

Are you Ready to Let All of these problems go? Because if you are, JoLynn can help you do this and do it quickly. But only if you are willing to help yourself.

Are You Ready To:

  • Are You Ready to heal The Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles so that ALL of that struggle is put behind you?
  • Are You Ready to Release your Fears, drop the Fat, and become the YOU you’ve always known you could be?
  • Are You Serious about investing time, energy and money to finally release your lifelong struggles with food and your weight now, so that YOU can enjoy all of the benefits of permanent weight loss?
  • Are You Willing to allow a highly skilled professional to mentor and coach you through the proprietary system that is proven to work? (You’re smart. You know that if you could have healed the Root of your ongoing food and weight struggles on your own, then you would have already done that 5, 10, 20 years ago, and today you’d be living struggle-free…)

Then Say Yes to YOU by taking your first step towards permanent weight loss and completing the application for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session below. (Why in the world would you put it off when that only means you will continue to struggle as you are now?)

Please note that due to the very limited availability of these appointments, we request that Only those apply who are Serious about releasing their lifelong food and weight struggles now rather than on that “some day” that just never comes.

(CAUTION: This is NOT for the squeamish or the faint of heart. If you only want to keep talking about wanting lasting success with your weight but continue to reject it, this call will be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to all of your excuses for continuing to fail.)

FearlessFatLoss Discovery Session Application


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“I’ve Already Lost 8 Pounds with NO Feelings of Deprivation.
Work with JoLynn. She’s the Real Deal.”

“Before working with JoLynn in The Inner Self Diet my biggest struggle was yo-yo dieting. I could lose weight but not keep it off. It was also a struggle for me to exercise consistently.


I was feeling shame and disgust at myself for regaining weight yet again. I struggled with this back and forth for 37 years (I’m in my early 50’s) struggling with the same issue over and over again!!! Today…that struggle is gone. The old mind set is gone. I have a new mindset which really is struggle free – NO feelings of deprivation, no feelings of “I can’t” whatsoever.


It is rather interesting in that weighing on the scale is not my primary focus yet I am down 8 lbs. already. I feel thinner in my midsection, more energy in my legs, and am moving my body a lot more. I feel tremendous energy overall.”


~ Nancy, Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™, East Coast, USA

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