Here’s a cookbook review that I have for you today, but first I must tell you that I’m not diabetic so I do not have personal experience with diabetes.

The cookbook is put out by the American Diabetes Association and is The Healthy Carb Diabetes Cookbook. I was asked if I would review this book by the publisher but I have to say that if I were going to use the recipes in it that I would have to do a lot of tweaking.

Uh oh, Splenda!

The reason is because there are recipes that contain Splenda, Splenda Brown Sugar Blend (a blend of Splenda and refined sugar), South Beach Diet cookies (their foods contain Splenda, although I don’t know for certain that every product they makes does), dairy, and condiments which I know contain sugar – plum sauce, mayo, salad dressings, and barbecue sauce. Now can you find these condiments without sugar? I don’t know, I’ve opted to make my own barbecue sauce in the past but that was with Splenda, and you know that I wouldn’t use that today. 😉

If you removed the above ingredients from the recipes in the book that contain them, then you would have some recipes you could cook up. Would they taste the same without the sweetener? Probably not, but you could try using Stevia instead. I myself am still learning how to cook with Stevia so I don’t have tips for you yet, but I have been trying out different brands. That’s another topic though, for a different post – just wanted to remind you that you could try Stevia in these recipes.

More Tweaking For Me

I would also leave out the dairy because it doesn’t help me lose weight and besides that it makes me cough. There are also recipes that contain salt (as an option) and I would leave that out. Additionally, I would need to leave out the whole wheat products since they aren’t a part of my weight loss plan but if you don’t have weight to lose and aren’t sensitive to wheat then again that would be your choice to leave it in the recipes.

As you can see, this isn’t really a cookbook that would fit my needs however that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work for you. One thing I wonder about though, is the items that are included in a cookbook for diabetics: the condiments I listed above and items like sugar-free, fat free vanilla pudding (99% sure that would contain an artificial sweetener, maybe Splenda), the dairy, and sugar-free apricot preserves (again, likely contains a sweetener).

Raw Food Reversed Diabetes

In my opinion, you know what I would suggest? The raw food diet that I posted about a few weeks ago, remember that video? It’s the soon to be released documentary chronically diabetics who reversed their diabetes completely in 3 days by going raw.

However even if you aren’t diabetic and you aren’t addicted to refined sugar and white flour like I am and you were to leave the Splenda out of the recipes that call for it, then I think that this cookbook would be a huge improvement for your diet if you currently exist on processed and fast foods. Just because it’s not what I might choose doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be something that could work for you, and I bet that if you used portion control and exercised regularly that you’d even see some weight loss happening. 😉


Weigh in with a comment if you’ve picked up a copy of The Healthy Carb Diabetes Cookbook and tell us what you think about it!

Healthy Carb Diabetes Cookbook

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