Regret Losing Another Year but Not Losing Weight | FearlessFatLoss.comHere we are at the end of another year and as you look back on it, are you happy with your weight loss progress?

Did you tell yourself a year ago, at the beginning of the year, that this would be the year you’d finally lose weight?

Maybe you stuck with your weight loss plan for a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, but eventually you were back to your same old routine of emotional eating, binge eating, and telling yourself you’d start again on Monday. (I know what that’s like, I’ve been there too!)

Now at the end of the year looking back, do you have regrets about losing another year without losing weight?

Regret Losing Time While Not Losing Weight?

Don’t feel bad if you’re having regrets about losing another year without losing weight. Here’s why you don’t need to regret losing time while not losing weight: Because, when you haven’t healed the root of your binge eating, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting, then it’s simply too hard to live a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle is the only solution for permanent weight loss!

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That’s right! The ONLY solution for permanent weight loss is a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is NOT a diet. A healthy lifestyle does NOT include binge eating or yo-yo dieting either. A healthy lifestyle is…. a lifestyle! It’s your way of life no matter what time of year and no matter where you may be on the planet at any time. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop when you go on vacation, a healthy lifestyle is what you do because it’s who you are.

The Big Problem is that when your mindset is fat instead of fit then it’s far too difficult to live healthy and fit day after day after day. Instead it’s easier to keep living a fat lifestyle! That’s a lifestyle that matches a fat mindset.

What If You Could Stop the Cycle of Regret?

To stop the cycle of regret about wasting time while not losing weight you must start right now where you’re at. Not tomorrow and not on Monday but Right Now. Otherwise you’ll continue day-by-day with the same fat lifestyle which matches a fat mindset and you’ll continue to feel bad about your lack of progress. But note that the most important place to start now is with your mindset for if you never get your mindset right then it will always be a struggle for you to live healthy and fit. Does it make sense that to win at your weight battles that it must become easy and fun for you to live healthy and fit?

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Up Next: In my next article we’ll take a look at 3 ways your weight loss failures fuel your binge eating. This is a post you don’t want to miss if you want to stop the cycle you’re in. Otherwise a year from now you’ll still be regretting losing time without losing weight! But before you go, go ahead and grab my FREE 5-day e-Course to discover what’s really been stopping you from losing weight for good, and what you can DO about it.

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Regret Losing Time While Not Losing Weight?