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Put on your seat belt because we’ve got 30 Days of Free Fearless Fat Loss Daily to Help You Lose Weight Now! The free fearless fat loss daily content is coming up each day for the next 30 days in a row, right here at Fearless Fat Loss.com. In fact this post you’re reading now is the first in the series!

30 Days Straight of The Good Stuff to Lose Weight!

Over the next 30 days there will be a great mix of articles, videos, and of course my weekly podcast The JoLynn Braley Show each Thursday. Keep in mind that what you’ll find here at Fearless Fat Loss is very different than the usual “eat this don’t eat that” kind of fat loss info you find everywhere else in the world today.

Instead, my professional focus is on healing The Inner Self, which is where all of your fat beliefs, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and self-sabotage lives. THAT is the stuff that truly keeps your body fat and THAT is what must be healed if you shall ever hope to be free of this ongoing problem you have with overeating and overweight.

On the other hand… if you’re addicted to the struggle and you don’t want to be free, then you’ll keep searching for the newest diet tips and celebrity food choices. But wow, I sure hope you’re not going to stick with that route because the only thing you’ll find in that direction is more struggle. And really… who wants to lose weight, only to gain it all back while you keep struggling because the original problem was never fixed in the first place. Yuck! That’s extremely irritating, isn’t it?! That’s not Fearless Fat Loss either!

You’ve gotta heal your Inner Self in order to break free of your overeating and overweight once and for all.

Heal your Inner Self and then it will be easy to achieve Fearless Fat Loss. Then you’ll be able to stick with a healthy eating plan to drop the fat. Then you’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off!

That’s what you really want, isn’t it? To lose weight and keep it off?

Does it make sense that food is not the problem? That instead, it’s what is going on inside of you that drives you to make the food choices you make?

Can you see that unless you stop the self-sabotage that you’ll forever get in your own way? After all, you’re the only one in your own way right now! The only thing stopping you from achieving the fat loss you desire is you. But if you’re like most, you’re not able to see that without help.

And so, over the next 30 days you’ll find more topics that delve into what really is driving you to overeat and what it really takes to achieve Fearless Fat Loss. I’m glad to be doing this for you, writing the upcoming content, producing my podcast, filming more videos, because it’s a good thing to spread the word about Fearless Fat Loss! Especially after I haven’t been posting as much as I used to on my site here.

Why Have the Blog Posts Been So Few?

When I created this site and published my first post on March 7, 2007, I did not have coaching clients at that time. I wasn’t a professional certified Master NLP Practitioner in 2007 or a certified Master Consciousness Shifting coach, nor was I certified in law of attraction coaching or in basic life coaching. I also wasn’t doing a Periscope live video stream six to seven days a week, I wasn’t publishing a new videos on Youtube, and I wasn’t publishing a weekly podcast! Additionally, in 2007 I didn’t have an app in Apple’s app store (with another one on the way) and I wasn’t doing a monthly free weight loss class either!

Back in 2007 when I wrote a blog post I was only focused on writing. Today, with everything else I’m doing, with my main focus being on coaching my clients to struggle-free weight loss (by ending their emotional eating, binge eating, food addiction, self-sabotage and yo-yo dieting) the blog posts have fallen by the wayside.

30 Days of Free Fearless Fat Loss Daily Content

Stay tuned and be sure to check back daily! To be sure you stay updated, why not grab my FREE 5-day e-Course (Click Here to Get It Now). In my e-Course you’ll learn how to answer the question “Is Your Mindset Fit or Fat?”, and then discover what you can do about it! When you grab my e-Course then you’ll also get my weekly ezine, free each Tuesday. We’ll send out updates about these next 30 days of free Fearless Fat Loss content so you won’t forget.

Enjoy these next 30 days of this non-stop daily content here at Fearless Fat Loss. And before you go, do share this post with your friends using the social media buttons on this page. Don’t keep this free, inspiring content a secret from your friends!

One More Thing (Only for You If You Want to Make Fat Loss Easy)

Here’s a fact: the longer you struggle all alone while you keep telling yourself “I’ll figure it out..next MONDAY…yeah, I’ll figure it out next Monday and then I’ll start again… after I eat this cake and Chinese Take Out for the next 5 days….then I’ll REALLY get this done! On MONDAY… yeah….” …. The longer you keep struggling alone the longer you will continue to struggle. All alone. Ugh!

What’s the Point? The point is that there is another way. There is another way that either you weren’t aware of OR you have been denying yourself. The other way is coaching. Yes! When you hire The Right Coach who has the Proven System to end your food and weight struggles in 8 weeks or less, then you’ll stop struggling. Then you’ll start losing weight. Then you will have the tools to use for the rest of your life so that you can Keep the Weight OFF, because you will have gotten a weight loss mindset.

I’ve been coaching my awesome coaching clients through the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet since 2009. Every client I’ve coached who has simply followed my instructions and done the steps has achieved struggle-free weight loss in 8 weeks or less. YES! They end their binge eating, self-sabotage, emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting in 8 weeks or less. They get a weight loss mindset which enables them to easily stick with their healthy lifestyle for life. No more getting off track. No more gaining the weight back. Losing weight without struggle, deprivation, or force.

How to End Your Overeating and Overweight Struggles Now

If you’d love to end your food and weight struggles so that you can finally lose weight and keep it off then click here to start the application process for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. This is an opportunity for a FREE one-on-one weight loss discovery session with the expert, JoLynn Braley.

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List of 30 Days Straight of Free Fearless Fat Loss Daily

Bookmark this post to come back to over the next 30 days here at FearlessFatLoss.com. Below we’ll be listing the full list of 30 posts with links to each post. This will be an easy way for you to catch up on all of the new, daily content we’ll be posting for you here at FearlessFatLoss.com over the next 30 days!

Click the links below to go directly to any of the daily posts in this 30 days of Free Fearless Fat Loss Tips. Thanks in advance for using the social media share buttons on this page to share this post with your friends. Don’t keep this free Fearless Fat Loss info a secret!

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