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UPDATE: May 7, 2011

This page was first published on Dec 11, 2007 and last updated on March 19, 2008. This page is a fabulous example of how much has tranformed for me, JoLynn Braley, NLP weight loss coach and certified NLP practitioner, additionally being an intuitive coach, with a twist of LOA (law of attraction).

As far as my own success story of lasting transformation goes…not only did I go from a size 12 to an 8 in my jeans in only 2 months in 2010, maintain my size 8 throughout the holiday season eating without deprivation, dieting, or struggle, and today am a size 6, still without struggle, but also Fearless Fat Loss has transformed.

When I first founded this site on March 7, 2007 becoming sole editor, publisher, and CEO at Fearless Fat Loss, I was pushing against processed food. Hence, much of the most popular posts listed below are on that topic.

I was on a mission to Make Food Wrong and what I learned was:

  • Whatever you push against you push onto yourself just as hard.
  • You cannot lose weight by fearing, hating, or “wronging” food.
  • Food is NOT the problem. It is never the root cause of your unhealthy behaviors, nor is it the root cause of the excess fat on your body.
  • The way to permanent weight loss and maintenance is not found in a diet, food restriction, forcing yourself to exercise, or making a resolution to “Do It”.
  • To lose weight and keep it off once and for all, no diet, pill, powder, shake, sprinkle, book,
  • Motivation can never last as it is not backed by the power of the Universe. It is a force you exert upon yourself.
  • Life is supposed to be good for you. You are supposed to live in the body of your dreams, without struggle, and have a peaceful relationship with food.

Today I am continually inspired by the transformations my clients achieve in my weight loss coaching practice. And at one point I even considered abandoning this site, Fearless Fat Loss, in lieu of my new flagship site, Stop Hiding Behind The Fat.

I considered abandoning Fearless Fat Loss due to a thought that the people coming to this site are only seeking band aids (diets, sprinkles, pills, powders, the list of “magical weight loss fixes” is endless, isn’t it) rather than permanent transformation. Permanent weight loss.

I do know the power of the Universe however, and most of my clientele has come through Fearless Fat Loss rather than Stop Hiding Behind The Fat. Fearless Fat Loss does have a great deal more traffic as I have a lot more content that I have created over the years and published here (over 640 articles in the archives).

Going forward I am focused on providing article updates based on permanent weight loss, permanent transformation, and my NLP weight loss coaching practice. As well as the fact that I’m not your “ordinary NLP practitioner” since I do everything with the mindset of Universal Law (LOA, law of attraction, law of allowing, law of creation) as a foundation.

The lists below will be updated with new content listings as I add current, relevant content to Fearless Fat Loss that actually applies to achieving permanent weight loss, which I have done myself and continue to do for others in my NLP weight loss coaching practice. 

In the meantime, while the old list is still available, you are welcome to read through the old posts listed below.

Hint: they are a best match and most beneficial to those who are seeking information rather than transformation and permanent weight loss. If that is where you are currently, you will like checking them out.

If instead, you are interested in and serious about achieving permanent weight loss for yourself now (gosh, who wouldn’t want to rid yourself of the frustrating struggle now!) then click here to learn more.


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