Congratulations on your decision to reach out and apply for a complimentary Get Acquainted Session! Your first step towards permanent weight loss.

The Get Acquainted Session with JoLynn Braley The F.A.T. Release Coach, will help you gain clarity on where you are now v.s. where you deeply crave to be. You’ll get the chance to look at permanent weight loss in YOUR life to see:

  • What’s worked for you,
  • What hasn’t worked for you, and then
  • Fearlessly decide for YOU what you’ll do next!

All change is preceeded by awareness. After awareness then comes your decision to Take Action, since you must take specific action to achieve the specific results of permanent weight loss. Otherwise awareness on its own only gives you even more thoughts to add to your already frustrated head.

Frustrated because you keep asking yourself, “How is it that I’m so gosh darned successful in my business life, yet still I have this frustrating struggle with food and my weight? If I’m so smart then why couldn’t I solve this after all of these years?”

What’s exciting is that there is great power within you once you learn exactly how to harness it. Not willpower, for that can never last, but your own inner power which easily comes forth once the Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles is healed. All of this is within YOU.

The Real Question is:

  • Are YOU Ready to heal The Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles to fearlessly put that struggle behind you?
  • Are YOU Ready to Release your Fears, drop the Fat, and become the YOU you’ve always known you could be?
  • Are YOU Serious about investing time, energy and money to really release your lifelong struggles with food and your weight now so that YOU can enjoy all of the benefits of permanent weight loss?

Then Say Yes to YOU by taking your first step towards permanent weight loss and completing the application for a complimentary Get Acquainted Session below.

Please note that due to the very limited availability of these appointments, we request that Only those apply who are Serious about releasing their lifelong food and weight struggles now rather than on that “some day” that just never comes.
(CAUTION: This is NOT for the squeamish or the faint of heart. If you only want to keep talking about wanting lasting success with your weight but continue to reject it, this call will be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to all of your excuses for continuing to fail.)