About YOU

Who You Are

You are an exceptional woman* who is smart, successful, and who clearly takes action in your business life (that’s how you got to where you are!). However, you can’t help but ask yourself over and over again, “How can I be so smart but I can’t get this weight thing under control?!”

What Your Biggest Weight Loss Challenges Are

In your words, you’ve already “done it all”.

You’ve got an endless list of “been there, done that!” in front of you, including everything from diets, diet clinics, diet pills, shakes, and magic potions to exercise equipment, gym memberships and boot camps.

Anything and everything that has to do with diet and exercise (which is 10% of the solution to lasting success with your weight), you’ve done it. And you feel very frustrated that none of it has solved your problem permanently.

It’s not that you have not lost weight though, for you have! Many times! Your challenge is that you have never been able to keep it off. What’s worse is that today you have so much diet and exercise knowledge that you feel extremely frustrated by it, because you are not able to DO it. This frustrates you because you do know what to do, but you cannot do it consistently and keep it up. It’s always the same thing: “Something” happens and all of the weight comes back.

On top of this you are still obsessed with food and your weight. You find yourself either (or doing all of these) binge eating, overeating, worried if you’ll ever lose weight and keep it off, obsessed with collecting diet and exercise info, and constantly looking for “weight loss motivation”. You might even spend any extra time you have on Pinterest and Facebook, looking for pictures to “motivate you” to change and lose weight.

Your #1 biggest challenge is that you’ve never succeeded permanently with your weight. You’ve never healed the root of your lifelong food and weight struggles, and therefore you continue to struggle.

What You Need Most Right Now

Your primary focus needs to be on getting a weight loss mindset. Why? Because the truth is that weight loss is easy! But you must DO It.

Yes, there are proven healthy actions that if you do them, they will change your body. You already know all of this and you certainly don’t need anymore “how to eat” tips. The problem is that you aren’t Doing them and that is a mindset issue, which is all about the world of your Inner Self.

Mindset is 90% of the game of achieving lasting success with your weight. Diet and exercise is only 10% of the solution. Without the proper mindset, the 10% is just information that is collecting dust while it’s not being acted upon.

It’s not enough to tell you to “go get a weight loss mindset” though, for you need to follow very specific steps in order to get that mindset! Just like you could follow specific diet and exercise steps, however those steps will not allow you to keep the weight off when you don’t have the proper mindset. This is actually Universal Law: The Inner and the Outer always match. Always.

You need a proven step-by-step system that will lead you out of the struggle and into struggle-free permanent weight loss. As long as it’s a proven system then you will see results when you take action with the steps.

The Quickest Way for you to move forward and get a weight loss mindset in the least amount of time possible is with The Inner Self Diet™. The proprietary, proven, step-by-step system JoLynn Braley founded. Find out what others are saying about it here!

* JoLynn has mainly worked with women but also a couple of cool men! Dave is one of her star clients: He dropped 90 pounds without struggle, and he didn’t have to give up his pretzels! He now runs 4 to 5 times per week! Read his story here.