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About JoLynn Braley Permanent Weight Loss Coach and Founder of The Inner Self Diet (the diet that isn’t a diet!)

Author, Speaker, Coach, The F.A.T. Release Coach JoLynn Braley
Master NLP Practitioner, Master Consciousness Shifting Coach, Intuitive Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Life Coach

About JoLynn Braley

JoLynn Braley Permanent Weight Loss Coach, Mentor, Founder of The Inner Self Diet. Get a Weight Loss Mindset with JoLynn’s Proven Step-by-Step System and End The Struggle.

Have you ever felt controlled by food? That no matter how many food diets you try to force yourself to do, you just can’t stop your food obsessions that drive you to binge on all of those foods you know will pack on the fat?

Do you ever feel embarrassed or ashamed that you can’t stop eating? Do you try to hide what you eat, replace the food you couldn’t stop eating, and cover up what you’re eating so your family doesn’t know just how much you’re eating in secret?

Do you dream about losing weight and feeling great BUT you just can’t stick with it for more than a couple of months or maybe no more than a day?

JoLynn has experienced all of the above and more when it comes to struggling with overeating, food addiction, and overweight, and this is why she began her own business to coach other smart, professionally successful women (and a few cool men) Out Of The Struggle and coach them IN to Freedom from that muck mire. The muck mire being the swamp of emotional eating, binge eating, yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage that no matter how hard you’ve tried to fix it on your own, it always sucks you back in.

The Good News is that once you get the right coaching with the right coach, you can truly Be Free of that struggle. You can be so free of the struggle that you lose weight, keep it off, and never have the binge eating come back. Just like Holly who JoLynn coached all the way back in 2011. Holly was skeptical but she hired JoLynn, she did JoLynn’s proven steps in The Inner Self Diet, and Holly ended her binge eating she’d been struggling with for over 30 years. Not even therapy gave Holly the results she got from The Inner Self Diet.

Not only did Holly end her binge eating in 2011 but also she lost 20 pounds and has kept it off since then (yay Holly!). How did she get these results? She hired JoLynn as her coach and JoLynn coached her through her proven steps in The Inner Self Diet which she founded.

If Holly’s story isn’t inspiring enough for you then check out Dave’s story. Dave hired JoLynn in 2010, he was 55 and his entire life he had struggled with yo-yo dieting. Dave knew exactly what he needed to do to lose weight, his problem was that he couldn’t keep it off.

Dave was 90 pounds overweight when he did JoLynn’s proven steps back in 2010. Dave went on to lose that 90 pounds and the best news of all is that Dave has never gained that weight back. WHY? Because Dave used JoLynn’s proven steps and tools of The Inner Self Diet and became fit healthy and strong on the inside of himself while he was still 90 pounds overweight. Since he became the fit healthy human he needed to be in order to lose the 90 pounds and keep it off, it was no big deal for him to stick with healthy living over the long term and continue living healthy and fit today.

If you were to meet Dave on the street today you’d never know he had a weight problem because he Just IS that guy who lives a healthy lifestyle. THIS is the most important transformation you must achieve: the transformation in your Inner Self. Your mindset, thoughts, beliefs, self-image and emotional state must transform at a core level in order to match the person you must become in order to succeed permanently with your weight.

Mindset is 92.8% of the solution. Diet and exercise is only 7.2% of the solution. This is why you can collect nutrition and exercise information forever but still be struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage. This is the sign you do not have a weight loss mindset, the critical component for finally winning with your weight.

Specifically, the sign that you do not have a weight loss mindset is when you have all of the healthy diet and exercise information you could ever need use in 5 lifetimes, but you are not able to a) get started with that information b) stay consistent meal after meal with that information c) keep going day after day with that information d) stop binge eating e) stop emotional eating, and d) live a healthy, fit lifestyle without drama, struggle, or self-sabotage.

The Good News is that healing your Inner Self will clear the path to living healthy and fit without it feeling like any big deal to Do It and Do It consistently. This means you’ll finally be losing weight struggle-free (yay!!).

More About JoLynn Braley

Permanent weight loss coach JoLynn Braley, mentors smart, spiritual, successful women in business (and a few cool men!) to help them stop binge eating, stop emotional eating, stop sabotaging themselves, and lose weight for good.

JoLynn is the founder of The Inner Self Diet™ the proven, step-by-step System to permanent weight loss. JoLynn personally coaches her exceptional clients through her exclusive, invitation-only system to struggle-free permanent weight loss. Two-way communication in real time is essential for the core transformation that JoLynn’s coaching clients receive by working with her.

JoLynn’s been coaching awesome clients through her proven system since 2009 and it works every time, BUT it only works if you work it. The Inner Self Diet does not work for anyone who doesn’t do the steps of the full system. The Inner Self Diet doesn’t work for anyone who stays on the outside and never commits to themselves to do the steps. But isn’t this true for any proven tool on this planet? It’s pretty simple to see in your current life. For example, your car is parked in your driveway but if you don’t open the door, get in the car, turn the key, put the car in gear and press your foot on the pedal, the car won’t move. The car won’t work. The car won’t take you to your destination.

But it’s not the cars fault if you never open the door and take action, is it. It’s not the car’s fault to fail to get you to your destination if you never get in your driver’s seat. The car just is. The car works if you work it. It’s the same with any proven system on planet Earth, just like The Inner Self Diet. The Inner Self Diet heals eating disorders, fat fears, self-sabotage, overeating, compulsive overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, whatever the unhealthy behaviors are that are keeping your body fat, The Inner Self Diet heals all of that. But The Inner Self Diet never works for those who never do it.

About JoLynn’s Awesome Weight Loss Coaching Clients

JoLynn’s weight loss coaching clients are excited to change and do not allow their fears of change to stop them from moving forward. They are smart, successful, spirit-minded women in business who crave the same level of success with their weight that they’ve already achieved professionally.

Prior to working with JoLynn, her clients are giving all of their free time to everyone else with nothing left for themselves. They use food to try to feel better but end up feeling frustrated and hopeless about their desire to lose weight. No matter how much nutrition and exercise information they collect (and they know it all when it comes to that area) they are unable to easily and consistently implement what they’ve learned.

A common question JoLynn’s clients ask themselves before enrolling in The Inner Self Diet is, “Why am I so smart and successful but I can’t lose weight?!” They’ve never achieved struggle-free lasting success on their own and they know they need help. These are smart people, they are successful in their work life and they have all of the information they could ever need when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.

They are aware that all high achievers have at least one coach and that hiring a highly skilled results-focused coach is the quickest and easiest way to achieve the permanent weight loss that they truly desire. They realize that everyone has blind spots and no one can see their own blind spots. They understand that their unhealthy blind spots are keeping them fat, holding them in struggle, and keeping them in the pain of out-of-control eating. Because they are so smart they know the fast path to breakthrough is by working with the right coach and they move forward to end their own food and weight struggles without hesitation.

If what you’ve just read describes YOU then click here for your first step. Apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session with JoLynn today if you are serious about ending your food and weight struggles for good.

Become The YOU You’ve Always Known You Could Be

JoLynn’s clients release their fears and drop the fat…with Struggle-Free, consistent healthy actions.

The MIND Leads the Body. Always. ~ JoLynn Braley

Once you become an inner match to the body you desire to live in on the outside, you transform into the YOU who simply IS a naturally slender, fit, healthy person. No more struggling with yourself, with food, or with your body.

You transform into the complete, congruent person (All Systems GO!) that you must become in order to achieve permanent weight loss and weight maintenance. No more struggles or internal battles over food, your weight, or exercise.

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JoLynn Personally Knows What It Feels Like to Struggle with Food and Your Weight

One of the main reasons JoLynn started her mind-body weight loss business in 2007 was because she wanted to help others avoid the mistakes that she had made. Mistakes that cost her YEARS of struggle with food and her weight.

JoLynn began professionally coaching weight loss coaching clients in 2009 and she is truly taking inspired action to assist her clients to step onto their path of empowerment because based on her own experience, if you are not walking in your own personal power it will always be a struggle to live healthy and fit. JoLynn knows, she’s been there and done the frustrating way-o-the-struggler lifestyle!

JoLynn has been there and done that with personal experience of binge eating, emotional eating, and feeling like Food was her only FUN in life. That totally sucked though and she (thankfully) had the good sense to USE the same tools she teaches her coaching clients in The Inner Self Diet. JoLynn has the personal experience on both sides of the coin: she has personally placed herself in massive struggle with food and her weight, struggle that is even worse than the struggle her coaching clients experience prior to working with her. Why was her struggle worse? Because she’s experienced NOT using her own tools she teaches in The Inner Self Diet and knowing that she had everything she needed to release her struggles. JoLynn’s self-inflicted struggle experience she placed herself in is actually a good thing though, according to her fans and coaching clients. She’s constantly told that she’s Real and Relatable because she shares the struggle she put herself in.

The other side of the coin is that JoLynn knows how good it feels to live a healthy and fit lifestyle struggle-free, which is how she lives today. What makes it “no big deal” for JoLynn to do all of the stuff that makes up a healthy lifestyle? You know what I mean: food prep, planning ahead, portion control, cooking, consistent exercise, all of the things that you’ve gotta do to live healthy and fit.

What makes it completely struggle-free for JoLynn to live a healthy and fit lifestyle today Is This: She uses the same Inner Self Diet Tools she teaches her clients in her full and complete step-by-step system to struggle-free weight loss. It’s really that simple.

If that’s not enough info about JoLynn’s food and weight struggles, here’s more!

Before JoLynn founded her mind-body weight loss business in 2007, JoLynn had had the experiences of using diet pills, diet shakes, excess exercise, deprivation diets, and even a medical weight loss center. The medical weight loss center caused JoLynn to decide that she’d never do any kind of weird food diet again. True! JoLynn’s biggest mistake when she was trying those quick-fix diet thingies was knowing that emotional eating and binge eating are only symptoms of a larger Inner Self problem, and then proceeding to do another fad diet. That mistake cost her years of stress, frustration, pain and struggle while she told herself “I’ll do the Inner Work AFTER I lose weight!” Guess what results she got from that? She just got more struggle, more wasted time, wasted money, and more weight gain.

JoLynn is passionate about helping her coaching clients avoid the mistakes she has made, helping them to heal their Inner Self, which results in the easiest weight loss they’ve ever experienced.


More About FearlessFatLoss.com

In March, 2007, JoLynn Braley, today The F.A.T. Release Coach, founded the site The Fit Shack, which today is Fearless Fat Loss.

Back then in 2007 she began writing, mainly about processed foods and how “bad” they are. What she learned was that whenever you push against something you create more of the same – push against your overweight…and you’ll stay overweight!

Universal Law: The Inner and the Outer always match. Always.

The old archives of 600+ posts are still there but that was the old focus JoLynn had that did not work – what does work is becoming an inner match to the body you desire on the outside. Do That and food is no longer an issue. No more struggle.

Transform Your Inside to Match the Ideal Body You Crave on The Outside!

JoLynn Braley Permanent Weight Loss Coach Founder of The Inner Self DietAs noted above, JoLynn knows how awful your struggle with food and your weight feels because she used to struggle endlessly with food and her weight! She struggled until she invested in herself to transform her inside to match the body she desired on the outside. Now she actually USES the same tools that she teaches! Imagine that. The Inner Self Diet tools work as long as you work them.

That’s right, JoLynn is just like you. Without consistency, without feeding your mind every day before feeding your body, without the proven system to keep your mind on the healthy, fit, and positive track, it doesn’t matter how much diet and exercise information you collect. This is why JoLynn is using the same Inner Self tools she teaches her clients – because when she uses them, they work. When she doesn’t use them, they don’t work! Simple as that.

JoLynn had this “light bulb moment” (ha ha) when getting coached by her own coach. JoLynn consistently invests in herself to raise her own mindset to the next level and she knows from personal experience that you cannot see past your own blind spots. So, she continues to take the smart route to get professional coaching to help her succeed. Just like it’s impossible to give yourself a good haircut, it’s impossible to coach yourself to see your own blind spots (how can you see what is blind to you?). The bad news is, those blind spots will keep you fat (ack!).

JoLynn not only understands what it feels like to live in that struggle but most importantly, shares her own experience of the ease and flow that results once you learn exactly how to get out of your own way and achieve permanent weight loss.

JoLynn’s proven, step-by-step System to permanent weight loss is a perfect blend of her unique and powerful combination of her Master level NLP skills, Universal Laws (LOA, law of attraction, law of allowing, etc.), her certified coaching skills, and her own intuitive gifts that she calls upon in coaching her clients…to empower them in releasing their fears, dropping the fat, and keeping it off with struggle-free, consistent action.

How To Work With JoLynn

JoLynn personally coaches her clients over the phone in real time to lead them out of the struggle with food and their weight. JoLynn’s clients are worldwide and JoLynn has never worked with a coaching client in The Inner Self Diet she could not help to achieve struggle-free weight loss as long as they were willing to help themselves.

To find out if it’s a good fit to work with JoLynn in The Inner Self Diet and achieve full freedom from your unhealthy overeating, overweight behaviors that are keeping you stuck, frustrated, and fed up, you need to simply take the first step. The first step is completing your application for a complimentary weight loss discovery session with JoLynn. If your application is approved you will have a one-on-one phone call with permanent weight loss coach JoLynn. An application is required to speak with JoLynn because there just isn’t enough time available to speak with everyone. Only those who are completely serious about achieving full freedom from the struggle are invited to complete their application, just like all of JoLynn’s previous and current coaching clients have done.

Click Here to Get Started Now! The complimentary discovery session is for YOU if you’d LOVE to stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful professionally BUT I can’t lose weight? I can’t stop binge eating? I can’t END this Struggle on my own?”

Click Here to Get Started Now!

The Discovery Session with JoLynn is Not A Fit for You If:

The complimentary weight loss discovery session with JoLynn is not a fit for everyone. An intention of the call with JoLynn is for JoLynn to find out where you’re at, what is stopping you from achieving struggle-free weight loss, and what you are willing to do to Be Free of your food and weight struggles for good. This complimentary call is only for those who are truly serious about ending their struggles once and for all.

Therefore the discovery session is not a good fit for you if:

  1. You are seeking free coaching to end all of your ongoing battles with food and your weight.
  2. You are only curious about JoLynn.
  3. You are trying to find out in a few minutes what JoLynn does with her coaching clients over a few months.
  4. You are unwilling or unable to invest the time, money, and energy in yourself to heal the problems that have plagued you for most of your life when it comes to food and your weight
  5. You are seeking a newbie or part-time unprofessional “coach” who does not have the high level of training, skills, talent, intuition, and testimonials that JoLynn has because you want the low rates a newbie or part-time “coach” is willing to accept.
  6. You expect a professional coach to invest their focus, energy, and time into helping you heal your lifelong food and weight struggles for free.
  7. You refuse to take 100% personal responsibility for yourself while continuing to blame other people for your food, weight, money, relationship, and life struggles.
  8. You expect to get new results with your body and your life while continuing to think and behave the same way you are now.
  9. You expect to get the amazing results JoLynn’s coaching clients get without doing anything new, without making any effort, without putting in any time, energy, or consistent action in your day-to-day life.

If you see yourself in the list above then unfortunately, it’s not a good fit to speak with JoLynn and you should not apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session with her.

If you are seeking only free weight loss information without the professional coaching, accountability, and core transformation that JoLynn’s coaching clients receive then there is an abundance of free information that JoLynn has been publishing online since 2007. You can search the archives of this website using the search bar at the top of the page and then you can read the abundance of original, copyrighted content that JoLynn has written and published on this website since 2007. You can listen to JoLynn’s weekly podcast that has been available for FREE on iTunes since January 2013. You can watch JoLynn’s Facebook Live Stream videos FREE on her Facebook page (click here and then click Like on JoLynn’s Facebook page), and you can opt in for JoLyn’s FREE 5-day e-course which will help you answer the question “Is your Mindset FIT or Fat?”, a critical question to answer for yourself. Click here to grab that now. JoLynn also has a FREE eBook you can get right here.

All of the above information if available for free.

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Get Inspired Gain Hope That YOU Can Do It Too

Click here to read what JoLynn’s weight loss coaching clients have to say about their struggle-free weight loss results.

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“Release the Fear Attracting Thoughts (F.A.T.) from your mind and the excess fat will drop from your body. Effortlessly.” – JoLynn Braley, The F.A.T. Release Coach

Author, JoLynn Braley

JoLynn co-authored the Number One Bestseller Women Who Mean Business, in which she wrote an award-winning chapter, “Your Most Important Business Asset: YOU!”.

As you already know, it’s your body that is your vehicle here on Earth, and if you do not feel good in your own skin then how you feel, look, and act goes with you everywhere and is seen by everyone.

Therefore your overweight, feel-bad body is impacting your business and your bottom-line: Your finances.

What’s exciting is that when you release the struggle and release the fat then you easily do all that you’ve been meaning to do in your business and your life, since your Body impacts every single area of life that you need it for! (IS there any area of life you do not need your body for? What about your mind? Can you leave either behind?).

Additionally JoLynn has co-authored a second book titled, “Transform Your Passion Into Profit (How Ordinary Women Built Extraordinary Online Businesses Doing What They Love)”, in which she was invited to write, “The Key to Your Struggle-Free Business Success”.

The key is the same as what JoLynn’s permanent weight loss coaching clients experience: Once you become an Inner Match to what you desire on the outside then it’s easy to take the action to get it!