51 Signs You Do NOT Need Permanent Weight Loss Coaching

51 Signs You Don't Need Permanent Weight Loss Coaching | FearlessFatLoss.com | Permanent Weight Loss Coach JoLynn Braley51 Signs You Do NOT Need Permanent Weight Loss Coaching

When you’re struggling to lose weight, you can’t stop eating and food has become your friend and your enemy, the good news is that when you hire the right permanent weight loss coach you can quickly and easily end all of your food and weight struggles with the help of your professional permanent weight loss coach. What’s interesting though, is that there’s a big problem that those who are overweight are struggling with in addition to their struggles with food addiction, emotional eating, binge eating and more. That extra big problem is that you think you can, or you think you should “do it all alone”. You think that if you continue to analyze your overeating problems long enough and collect enough diet and exercise tips long enough that someday you’ll “figure it out” and fix all of your overweight problems, even though you don’t have the permanent weight loss results to back that up.

Unfortunately, this faulty belief only leads to a lifetime of unnecessary, additional struggle with overeating and overweight while you keep on “trying to figure it out” all alone while we all know that the quickest and easiest way to get to the next level in any area of your life is by hiring the right coach to coach you quickly to the results you desire.

But what if you’re right? What if you do NOT need permanent weight loss coaching? What if you have no need for a permanent weight loss coach because you already have it all figured out? What if you not only have it all figured out but also you have no problems taking consistent action to live a healthy lifestyle without any struggle? Especially if you have no struggles with any kind of eating disorder such as emotional eating, binge eating, binge/purge, food addiction, exercise avoidance, excuses, fears, self-sabotage or any other unhealthy behavior that is stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off forever.

Here’s How to Find Out If You Do NOT Need Permanent Weight Loss Coaching

Here’s how to find out if you are right in thinking that you do not need permanent weight loss coaching: Simply read the full list below of 51 signs you do NOT need permanent weight loss coaching and if you can answer YES to all 51 signs then you’re right – you don’t need permanent weight loss coaching.

TIP: Be totally honest with yourself while reading this list of 51 signs you do not need permanent weight loss coaching. Why? Because YOU are the most important person to be completely honest with at all times. When you are not 100% honest with yourself what happens is you continue to stay stuck in the struggle, you continue to overeat while telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow” and you continue to feel frustrated and hopeless in your overweight body since that “Tomorrow” never ends up coming. So to avoid added pain and frustration, just be honest with yourself when you go through the following list.

Let’s get to the list!

51 Signs You Do NOT Need Permanent Weight Loss Coaching

  1. You never stall, make excuses or otherwise put off healthy eating and healthy living, telling yourself things like, “I’ll start again tomorrow” or “I’ll start over Monday” or “I’ll start on New Year’s Day”.
  2. You are either at your ideal weight and have zero fear of weight regain, having 100% confidence you will maintain your weight easily for life OR you are on your way to your ideal weight with zero struggle living healthy and fit every day, meal after meal.
  3. You have no struggle with self-sabotage, emotional eating, binge eating, food addiction, exercise avoidance, weight loss excuses, or any other unhealthy behavior that will stop you from losing weight and keeping it off forever.
  4. While you do enjoy the healthy foods you eat, you use food for fuel and feel great about it.
  5. You have a very healthy relationship with food without any struggle to choose the best fuel for your body.
  6. You eat only when physically hungry to fuel your body AND you easily stop eating when physically full.
  7. You LOVE all parts of your healthy lifestyle including planning your meals, cooking, working out, and any other part of living healthy and fit, which is part of your day-to-day life.
  8. When the holidays come each year, you have no problem continuing to live a healthy lifestyle.
  9. A healthy lifestyle is No Big Deal for you to live day in and day out. It’s just Who You Are!
  10. You have no challenges with weekend binge eating, binge drinking, or last supper eating.
  11. No matter how you might feel emotionally, you know how to comfort yourself without food so you do not turn to food to feel better.
  12. If you ever overeat (on Thanksgiving for example) you do NOT feel bad about yourself and then continue to overeat.
  13. You never have diet mentality thoughts like, “I blew it, I might as well binge until I go to bed Sunday night and Start AGAIN on Monday” or “I’ll finally DO IT tomorrow…. or Monday…or maybe Someday”.
  14. Overall you’re happy with your body, your level of fitness, and your weight. You may have more strength training and fitness you’re working on but you enjoy the journey and you definitely enjoy living healthy and fit.
  15. You are NOT consumed with daily thoughts of “I’ve gotta lose weight, I’ve gotta stop stuffing myself, I hate myself, I hate my body, I should eat this but I’m gonna eat that and Start Again Tomorrow….”.
  16. You feel NO Shame if you ever do overeat (on Thanksgiving, for example) and you do NOT go on to beat yourself up mentally, indulge in negative self-talk, and throw pity parties for yourself.
  17. You have a fit, thin, healthy identity (you know this is true because it’s struggle-free for you to live healthy and fit at all times).
  18. Coupled with your fit, thin identity, your foundational beliefs fully support your healthy, fit, sexy, strong, slender body, making it easy to living healthy and fit 356 days a year.
  19. Food has no control over you – food is fuel in your mind, heart, and beliefs. No big deal!
  20. YOU are the one in control of your mind, your emotions, and yourself.
  21. Each day you feed your mind before you feed your body, using the right Inner Self tools, which make this easy to do.
  22. Whenever you feel negative emotion you know exactly how to move through it without using food to try to feel better and you Do It!
  23. You would never describe yourself as an “emotional eater”, a “binge eater”, a “food addict” OR as a “recovering emotional eater/binge eater/food addict” because you simply don’t have those challenges anymore (if you used to have them you got core coaching to fully release them – no “recovery” is needed then!)
  24. You feel GREAT in your own skin. You have no problem allowing others to See YOU.
  25. You never use your weight as an excuse for going to the next level in any area of your life.
  26. You take full responsibility for your emotional state and your mental state, knowing that no one else controls your moods.
  27. You live your life deliberately, choosing how you feel with deliberate action no matter what is going on outside of you.
  28. You do NOT feel stuck. You feel great about your life and your body, while being able to clearly see where you are headed next.
  29. It’s easy for you to set goals, follow through consistently and achieve them, whether these are fitness goals or other life goals.
  30. You have no problem saying NO to others when saying yes to them would put you at the bottom of the pile, leaving no time to fit in yourself and your daily, healthy lifestyle.
  31. You feel no guilt about being your BEST self, in your BEST body. You never try to fit in with the average crowd since the average crowd today is either obese or overweight, and definitely unhealthy.
  32. You feel no guilt about scheduling Daily Time for YOU and enjoying the remaining, plentiful time for work and with family.
  33. You know in your bones that if you don’t take care of YOU every day that you have nothing of value to give to others. You realize you cannot give away what you do not first possess for yourself, therefore if you don’t feel great about yourself you do not have great times, great thoughts, and great emotions to share with others.
  34. You never make excuses in order to avoid exercise or sabotage planning and cooking your healthy meals ahead of time.
  35. You love to cook and prepare your healthy foods ahead of time to stack the deck in your favor.
  36. If you don’t love meal prep or cooking then you’ve hired someone to do these tasks for you because you know it’s necessary in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise you do these tasks yourself because you know it’s impossible to live a healthy lifestyle when you don’t have all of the necessary pieces in place ahead of time.
  37. You feel no guilt or shame about doing whatever it takes to live the healthy lifestyle you love 365 days a year whether you’re on vacation, on a business trip, visiting family or during the holidays. You wouldn’t even consider putting yourself list on the list to please others and end up feeling drained, depleated, and resentful in an overweight, unhealthy body. You know you’re giving your loved ones and the world your very best when you care for your mind, emotions, and body first every day.
  38. You are thrilled to be a living example for your children (or other family members if you don’t have kids) of what a fun, struggle-free, healthy lifestyle looks like.
  39. You feel NO deprivation in how you eat, yet you easily choose to eat only the best foods that work in your body
  40. You would never read this list of 51 signs you do not need permanent weight loss coaching since you don’t have a problem with overeating, overweight, emotional eating, binge eating, food addiction, yo-yo dieting, negative self-talk, fear of food, self-sabotage, fear of success, body hate, self-hate, body shame, fear of weight regain, or any other unhealthy, overweight behavior!
  41. You have no eating disorders whatsoever – food is just food, you must eat because you have a human body, but you never ABUSE yourself or your body with food.
  42. You really don’t understand how people can abuse food and abuse themselves with food. You ask, “Isn’t food supposed to be eaten only when I’m physically hungry, give me proper nutrition, and that’s it??”. You simply “don’t get it” that anyone could put food in their mouth (or ice cream shakes, malts, sodas, etc.) when their body is not physically hungry.
  43. You don’t treat food like it’s your lover and your best friend at night, during breaks, during times of stress, and on the weekends.
  44. While you do have favorite dishes, you don’t obsess about food like deprived yo-yo dieters do.
  45. You feel relaxed and confident about food – it’s just not a big deal for you. It’s NOT your challenge in life.
  46. You have no anxiety about eating one cookie, if you really want that cookie, that is. You know you can stop at one and you certainly always stop when you’re not physically hungry anymore. You never sit down and eat a whole box of cookies or a whole sleeve of cookies. That kind of behavior seems very odd to you, like “Why would anyone do that??”.
  47. If you weigh yourself, you weigh only once a week at most, only to keep stats on your body fat percentage and level of fitness.
  48. Your weight is NOT your main area of focus in your life and does NOT consume you. You have an awesome LIFE you are living, while living it IN your ideal body, while living a healthy lifestyle 365 days a year without struggle.
  49. You are in your power and if you ever step out of it, you know exactly how to deliberately step back in and rock the world of YOU.
  50. While you do have challenges in your life (everyone does) your challenges are NOT in the area of food, eating, and your weight. And while experiencing the challenges in your life that you are facing, you know they are only temporary, and you work with your coach to help you move through them quickly to get to your next level in the specific area of life you’re having a challenge in. Your self-esteem and self-worth is high enough that you have no qualms with investing in YOU to get the coaching you need because you know your results will pay you back for the rest of your life.
  51. You would never consider sabotaging your body, your fitness, or your weight in any way. You are completely “All Systems GO” with no internal battles to fight when it comes to your body, food, and your weight. You do not have a part of you that wants to lose weight while there’s another part of you who just wants to stuff yourself with food and not give a hoot about how much you eat because you’ll just “go on another diet again someday”. Since you are All Systems Go you don’t experience the push-pull that millions of overeaters, food addicts, emotional eaters and yo-yo dieters are experiencing right now. Yay YOU!!

What Are Your Results?

Hey, great job on making it through the entire list of 51 signs you do NOT need permanent weight loss coaching! If you answered YES to all 51 items in the list above then you are right, you do NOT need permanent weight loss coaching. You are rocking and rolling in full control of your mind and emotions, you have the right Inner Self Tools that work and you’re using them daily to continue feeding your mind before you feed your body, you are either AT your ideal weight and feeling 100% confident you’ll stay there (with healthy behaviors that match) or you are on your way to your ideal weight with NO STRUGGLE living healthy and fit daily, 365 days a year.

This is a GREAT place for you to be and nothing will stop you from continuing to live healthy and fit every day, because it’s who you ARE. Your identity (this is core, deep stuff, did you get permanent weight loss coaching to get these results?) is fit, thin, healthy and strong, and your behaviors are a perfect match (that’s how powerful this Inner Self stuff really is!).

But what if you couldn’t answer YES to all 51 signs that you do not need permanent weight loss coaching? What if you could not answer YES to any of the signs? Well first, congratulate yourself for Being Completely Honest with yourself. You would never be able to achieve permanent weight loss without complete honesty about where you are now. When you Get REAL with yourself right now and really look at the state of your results you’ve been getting with your weight and your eating behaviors, then you know what you’re doing now that needs to change. And there IS Good News if you could not answer YES to the 51 signs.

Here’s the Good News: All of the 51 signs are results that my coaching clients get when I coach them through the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet. What is GOOD about this news is that there IS a solution that can end your struggles with food and your weight and it actually works. It’s a very powerful solution because it’s NOT your typical food and exercise program. In fact, I do not tell my clients what to eat or what kind of exercise to do. Instead I coach them to a core transformation that removes their blind spots that have been stopping them from doing what they already know they need to do to lose weight and keep it off. Once their blind spots and road blocks have been removed, then they are FREE to live a healthy lifestyle and they move forward to lose weight without struggle and keep it off for good.

Your next step is to get permanent weight loss coaching so that you can END the unhealthy behaviors, replace them with healthy behaviors, and make it super easy to live a healthy lifestyle from here on out. The only way these results will come Quickly and Easily is by working with the right permanent weight loss coach who knows how to go to the root of the problem, heal it, and help you transform yourself from the inside out. Once you have a fit, healthy, sexy, slender, strong identity On The Inside then NOTHING will stop you on the outside from living healthy and fit, 24/7, 365 days a year. It just won’t be a big deal to you anymore because it will be Who You ARE then, once you get the core transformation coaching to transform YOU from the inside out.

How To End Your Struggles with Food and Your Weight Now

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