33 Signs You Need Permanent Weight Loss Coaching

33 Signs You Need Permanent Weight Loss Coaching

When you’re struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, compulsive overeating, yo-yo dieting and any other unhealthy behavior that is keeping you stuck, fat and frustrated, the simple fact of the matter is that No Food Diet on the planet can end your struggles for you, nor is any food diet supposed to.

Food diets (healthy ones, mind you!) are for those who don’t have a clue about how to fuel their body in a healthy manner and they need to be taught. However my coaching clients who I coach through The Inner Self Diet already know the steps that make up a healthy lifestyle. They already know WHAT they need to do to live healthy and drop the fat….their problem is that they are not Doing it. Maybe they do it for a day, or 3 days, maybe even for a month but in the end, if they lose weight, they gain it all back (plus more!).

Most don’t know WHY they sabotage themselves and even if they have an idea about it, they’ve never ended their binge eating, emotional eating and self-sabotage on their own. Another danger that keeps them stuck is the pervasive diet mentality which tells them that all they need is a new food diet, which they’ll “start on Monday”. Unfortunately, the Mythical Monday never helps them fix the real problem and lose weight permanently.

The Only Solution That Ends Your Food and Weight Struggles

The Only solution that ends your food and weight struggles is this: the root of the problem must be healed so that you can finally Be Free. Keep in mind that the problem is NOT the food or the fat on your body. This is exactly what most think which is why you also have thought that the solution was another food diet. While it IS true that you’ve gotta be living a healthy lifestyle in order to release the fat and keep it off, what good does that information do you when you can’t stop stuffing yourself and living out-of-control with food??

The problem that must be healed at the root is the problem that drives your emotional eating, binge eating, mindless eating, food obsessions, food addictions, self-sabotage, or any other unhealthy behavior that is keeping you stuck in the muck. The root of the unhealthy behavior must be healed so that you can finally Be Free of the struggle. Once this is done then it will be easy for you to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and keep it off!

I realize this can sound very overwhelming when you have no idea what the root of your out-of-control eating is, nor do you know how to heal it. And that’s OK! You’re not supposed to know how to do this, just like there are numerous things in life that you naturally expect to hire a professional to help you fix. If you chip your tooth do you expect that you should know how to fix it yourself? Do you spend hours online researching free information on how to fix your tooth on your own? Of course you don’t! You make an appointment with a professional dentist and get the problem fixed.

So then it naturally follows… why should it be any different when it comes to solving the ongoing problems you have with overeating and overweight? Why waste another year, another 3 years, another 10 years or more while trying to “figure it out” on your own? How many more years do you really need to keep struggling with your emotional eating, mindless eating, binge eating and up-and-down weight battles in order to prove to yourself that you cannot fix this problem on your own?

33 Signs You Need Permanent Weight Loss Coaching

Before you hire a permanent weight loss coach who can help you get the results of struggle-free weight loss that lasts you certainly want to make sure that she has a proven track record of helping all those who have come before you and that the solution she provides actually works.

You also want to verify that the coach you are excited about working with has helped her previous coaching clients to end their binge eating, yo-yo dieting, compulsive overeating, food obsessions and depression so that you can lose weight struggle-free.

After you’ve verified these points then you want to make sure that you need permanent weight loss coaching! After all, there’s no need to hire a permanent weight loss coach if you don’t have any struggle with food or your weight. If your relationship with food and your body is healthy and positive and you’re not struggling with yourself to live a healthy lifestyle then you don’t have any need for permanent weight loss coaching. But if that were the case then why are you reading these words?

Following are 33 signs you need permanent weight loss coaching. Read through the list. If you can find yourself in even one of these signs and you are serious about putting an end to the struggle once and for all then the easiest and quickest way to do so is by hiring a kick-ass permanent weight loss coach who has the proven system that works. (If you’re like most you’ll see yourself in at least half of these 33 signs!)

  1. It’s not easy for you to live a healthy lifestyle
  2. You put food in your mouth when you are not physically hungry
  3. You know WHAT you need to do to lose weight but you’re not doing it
  4. You have never achieved freedom from your food and weight struggles on your own
  5. You have lost weight in the past but you’ve always gained it back
  6. You have a dream for your life that you are putting off, telling yourself you’ll do it after you lose weight
  7. You don’t feel good in your own skin
  8. You know you’d be making twice as much money today if only you had the self-confidence you would feel if you were living IN your ideal body without struggle, deprivation, or dieting
  9. You’ve “done it all” to lose weight and you’re struggling
  10. Your weight is always on your mind
  11. You isolate yourself with your food
  12. Food is your main priority, friend, lover and ALL in your life
  13. You know you have low self-esteem and you know it’s somehow tied to the fat on your body
  14. You feel low much of the time
  15. Even though you have a surplus of information about how to live healthy and fit you aren’t taking consistent action on it and you feel stuck
  16. You wake up feeling guilty, depressed, stuck and/or dreading your day
  17. You hate how you look in your clothes and you hate shopping for new clothes to wear
  18. You continually tell yourself that you’ll change tomorrow but you’re still struggling with the same results
  19. You feel like a failure because you’ve never succeeded permanently with your weight
  20. You can’t eat Just One
  21. You want to lose weight but you can’t stop eating
  22. Your self-worth is determined daily by how you eat or how you don’t eat
  23. You use the labels of “Good” and “Bad” to describe yourself depending on how and what you eat
  24. You dread the holidays because you’re afraid of gaining more weight (and you always do)
  25. You avoid social situations because you don’t like how you look or feel
  26. You’re married or in a committed relationship and your sex life is either suffering or non-existent because you don’t feel good about your body
  27. You’re single and want to be in a relationship but avoid dating because you don’t want to be seen naked
  28. You’re married or in a committed relationship and you try to stop your husband or boyfriend from hugging you close because you don’t want him to feel your fat rolls
  29. You despise picture taking because you don’t want to be seen in pictures as heavy as you are
  30. If you MUST be in a picture you hide behind other people or behind objects
  31. On social media (Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest, etc.) you either use a picture of your pet, a picture of nature, or a very old picture of yourself because you feel ashamed to be seen as you are now
  32. You have unhealthy eating behaviors such as (but not limited to): emotional eating, binge eating, mindless eating, TV stuffing, late-night eating, frig stuffing, last supper eating, food addiction, compulsive overeating, food obsessions, binge/purge, and any other unhealthy eating behavior apart from putting food in your mouth for fuel when physically hungry
  33. You’ve lost weight in the past but the weight loss did not end your struggle or give you the stellar self-confidence you thought weight loss would give you

The #1 Sign You Need a Permanent Weight Loss Coach

You’ve just read 33 signs you need a permanent weight loss coach. Each of these signs is valid and there are many more signs you need permanent weight loss coaching** as well! This list could number in the hundreds but in the end there is ONE Glaring Sign that tells you that you need permanent weight loss coaching now: The Results you are living of ongoing struggle with food and your weight is the #1 Sign you need permanent weight loss coaching now.

**I can only speak for the high quality permanent weight loss coaching I provide to my exclusive coaching clients. I cannot speak for any other weight loss coaching that is offered by others. My experience is of the results my coaching clients get from the solid, core, transformation in The Inner Self Diet™.

No matter how much information you collect, no matter how much time you spend trying to “figure it out” and no matter how much research you do on trying to find out “Why”,  the only thing you need to pay attention to are your Results. Your Results Never Lie. Your Results are either results of struggle-free ease with your eating and your weight OR your Results are filled with struggle. Maybe you have short bursts of what seems like no struggle but invariably the struggle always returns. Your emotional eating has never gone away and you results are an ongoing battle with your weight.

How To End Your Struggles with Food and Your Weight Now

If you are serious about putting an end to your ongoing struggles with food and your weight now then your first step is to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session! On the complimentary call you’ll discover what’s been stopping you personally from losing weight for good, and what you can do about it. The free weight loss discovery session is for you only if you are serious about ending your struggles now. If you’d be thrilled to be able to stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful professionally but I can’t stop eating?!” then click the button and apply now!

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